When I press [?] to see the keyboard shortcuts (in the forum) & try to print it... it doesn't preview a correct document for printing

So, following the tutorial; I pulled up the keyboard shortcuts menu; however, when I tried to print it; standard 8x10 page… default settings… It just repeats the first page of the help screen 8 times! And try as I might; I could not come up with any formatting to get it to print. Well, perhaps a legal sized sheet; but, I don’t have those; and still. I was able to reduce it to a single page; if I wanted; but, not all of the commands would be printed; for that I would need, probably, two pages; but, since they’re all the 1st page only… uh stymied. Is this a bug; or am I missing something? So, First time experiences are only first time experiences, once; so, I tend to report any issues I have encountered; after all, we’re only new to something once; afterward, we learn all kinds of workarounds; but, I like to offer reports, so they can be fixed! :slight_smile:

Technically, it’s available for viewing quite easily, on the screen; but, as I expect I may be visiting the forum… (cough) a lot… :wink: I often print, or try to print… the keyboard shortcuts; if any… and this is a nice list… So, yeah; I want to learn them.

I reduced the size of the page and took a screenshot of the whole thing.

Is this what you were after?

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That’s great; how did you do this… I was using .pdf or plain print (it’s been a while… I should read what I wrote :thinking:) So, is this a screen shot with cut and paste to get the whole thing? Basically, I’m pointing out there is an error is the way the page is coded and configured. I should be able to basically just print this out without needing anything fancy… if it’s created properly. :slight_smile: But, I will accept the workaround with gratitude and much thanks! (For now ;-))

Ah… I see this is a screenshot… so appreciate you doing this… yeah, my philosophy is to provide feedback for things that don’t work for someone who wouldn’t have any special skills. Perhaps it’s my monitor dimensions that the entire page doesn’t show up… But, yes a cut and paste would work… but in my case require I take two screen shots… and then join the two images… this is definitely a workaround; but, we prefer simplicity… Windows didn’t let me choose a setting that would work using simple print settings… So, something is missing in the way this is coded and configured… a simple print should work if it is coded to do so. :slight_smile: So, I see, reduce the print size; and print landscape… hmm… still seems like you had to import this image into an editor to get it right. :wink: