When playing note in performance the notes stay on in FL Studio

I have just purchased Scaler 2 and when trying it out of the box I noticed that in performance mode when I play notes the notes stick on…when I release the keys? this doesn’t happen in normal mode

I have a video of this happening how do I send it to you, your upload doesn’t support it.
p.s. I have put it on youtube (private) for you to see.


Well, it is normal for strange things to happen when they are tried for the 1st time.
Welcome to the forum, @ASH-II. It is good that you were able to include the video so that we can try to help
Scaler defines itself as a plugin to work with scales. You have not defined any scale, and you have not specified the Bind Keys (A, B or C) from which the Scaler would take reference. Try some of that.
P.S. No need to reply if this doesn’t work for you; just read the manual

Ah ok


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Maybe this will help with set up in FL.

And here is David’s overview that is very good.