Where Scaler really shines

is not automation that is making us lazy

Where Scaler shines IMHO, and notably with the pianoforte and the Hammond, but even my guitar plugin, is then it helps a bit with green keys (so no automatic chords in Section C) leaving hand free to fly like birds on the keyboard with Scaler in Section A or B

Yesterday afternoon I played a classical music vibe without earphones, then a bluesy tune, while my wife who was in the garden 30 meters away, and she distrusted to her ears that I was the player

later in the night I composed a psychedelic tune (in the Pink Floyd style) using both hands on the Hammond, and again “ho goduto come un riccio”

This is the way I prefer using Scaler: just A Little Help From My Friend to get most solo notes right, not a robot that does anything

My 2 cents of :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

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Can we assume that either (a) you did did now have headphones on (b) your wife goes to bed with earplugs, (c) she sleeps more than 100m away (d) you didn’t care anyway because you had a puff or two of waccy baccy to go with the psychedelic twiddlings ? :grin:

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well, I always compose with a headset, so my wife doesn’t need earplugs even if she is sleeping in the bed quite close to the office

The hard life of bedroom producers