Which scaler mode does this belong to?

I saw a video explaining common chords.
It’s about this. But I don’t know whether it belongs to minor or major, or anything else.
He said it belonged to Andalusian cadence, but I couldn’t find it in scaler.

Here are a couple of examples that you can use in Scaler
Cadencia andaluza.xml (40.5 KB)
Andalussian Progression.xml (40.1 KB)
the progression in question is descending and it is really i - VII- VI - V. The only thing that changes in the normal descending progression is the last chord, which is Major instead of minor (which would be normal)
In the examples I expand versions of this nice progression. try them


All you need to know (at first, at least) is here

BTW, Jake Lizzio has some interesting videos on his site, and he is a very good presenter


Thank you for your document. very nice. thank you.
When VII - VI, write bVI - bVI
Does that mean it’s a C minor?
Of course, the final V is a G, not a Gm

Well, in the example he gives, it’s using notes from the E Harmonic Minor . Call that up in Scaler

and you will see how that fits

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In A minor, it is:
A minor(tonic) - SOL VII Major(VIIM) - FA Major(VIM) - MI Major (VMajor, instead of minor)

In the Youtube video you see flats because the example does it in the key of Bb minor. It has 5 flats in the key signature and consequently the A (VII) is flat and writes bVII, the same as in the Gb(VI) writes bVI

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I find this way of marking a bit confusing.
He didn’t say what major or minor or whatever
Just wrote I-bVii-BVi-V
Or just write bVii and think it must be C minor
Then if it is Minor, then the last one will write Vm
So it’s 1765 under C mibor, but 5 is V, so it’s G, not Gm(Vm)
I mean that kind of markup that confuses me lol

I just finished watching this video today. Learned a lot. thank you very much.

I have one more question.
Why not add Andalusian cadence mode to Scaler?

I could be wrong, but isn’t it standard nomenclature that Roman numbers written with uppercase ( I, IV, V,…) are for Major chords while lowercase (i, iv, v, …) is for minor chords?


You are confused, or maybe obsessed that the key is C minor. I insist that in the video, the example with which it begins is in Bb minor, relative to Db Major. So write:
i - bVII - bVI - V
It wasn’t really necessary for me to write the flats. Perhaps he does it to make nomenclature easier on the guitar.
The general writing for the Andalusian cadence is:
i - VII - VI - V for any key. And, yes, as LostInFoundation says, the fact that the tonic is written in lowercase indicates that the tonic is minor; and when Roman numeral chords are capitalized they are major. The normal thing is that, that it is applied in minor tones. It is a descending progression, in minor, that applies the substitution of the 5th degree, changing Vm (normal in a minor mode) for VM (normal in a major mode).
And I don’t think it’s necessary to embed it in Scaler. It is very simple: 1º define in which minor scale we want to do it, 2º drag the i - VII - VI - Vm to the C line, and 3º substitute Vm for VM, in the Chord tab, in suggest, in the circle of 5ths, in several places you can change the 5th degree (which in the minor key is minor) for the 5th degree of the scale with the same name of the Major mode


So this is ah. I know for the first time. Ha ha ha ha

I just published this simple song based entirely on the Andalusian cadence
Simple example of the Cadencia Andaluza progression in A minor.
These 4 chords are always repeated: A minor - G Major - F Major - E Major. The latter is the only one that is foreign to A minor. It’s from A Major
Stream Andaluza by josejuan | Listen online for free on SoundCloud


This is such a lovely piece! I would like to play with it for a while to put it into a bigger (electronic) remix, if you don’t mind. Here’s a quick sketch, it’s private, not shared with the public without your permission.

Stream JJ’s Andaluza (Aleamanic Remix)

Would be greate to do more collaboration on the basis of this style!

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Perfect Bernd. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with you and learn from other ways of understanding music. And I say this convinced that it sounds very good, like what you usually do, but I will tell you that the link does not work and I cannot hear what you have done this time. But you know that you have my full authorization, and that without hearing; I’m sure when I hear it I’ll be delighted.


Strange…try again… JJ’s Andaluza (Aleamanic Remix) by Aleamanic (soundcloud.com)


Well done. I like.
But I have to say that although I like the rhythm very much, since you have adapted it very well to that Andalusian air of castanets and drawers, removing it in the final part, I would not start it from the beginning; I would wait to finish the 1st part of the cello solo, just after the G# in the treble. Could you try it, please?
Thanks for considering this song and developing it so well, Bernd

Glad you like it :slight_smile:
I have to say, I am not musically understanding enough to know the exact timing you suggest for starting the background percussion. Could you please let me know the timestamp (in min:sec) where you think it should start?

Here’s my second take + video…
ANDALUZA | Musical Collab w/ José Juan LL & Aleamanic 2022 - YouTube


It’s very good like this.
Thanks, Bernd

I’m already on my way with a jammail guitar. Don’t know if I’ll pull the guitar over at some point if that’s okay? I just need to get some package that I can open for Logic pro,