Which version for which OS?

Due to the fact that my Scaler 2 is not working on my 10.12 OS anymore even if the requirement says it goes back to 10.8 I start to doubt about it and wanted to know if anyone of you could say to me if there is a restriction with some OS for the very latest Scaler 2 versions ?

Hi @Rico

Could you confirm if this is Windows or a MAC OS, please?

I am talking about Mac OS

I’ve never experienced any problems with OS versions. I am now running Catalina 10.15.7. I’ve run it on High Sierra 10.13.6 on up. 10.12 is pretty old but it amazingly it rated as far back as 10.8 as you say.
What problems are you experiencing?

Any reason you don’t go to at least High Sierra? That was my favorite OS for a long time. Scaler never gave any problems with it and I can even run the latest if I was still running it as my main OS. I went to Catalina for some apps I needed. My Mac won’t let me past this OS though.

Thank you mate for your answer , the main reason I do not want to upgrade system yet is that my Digi 003 sound card is not supported above 10.12 even if it’s such a good sound card with the best convertor ever plus a bunch of other feature .
I just don’t understand why AU Scaler and Scaler2 did not work ever on our different computers ( I have a little sound company ) and now Scaler 2 VST and VST3 did not even shows up in Studio one plugins browser !!! So am stuck and F word for month now and it such difficult to get answer from plugin boutique

MS Windows has a tool to find a suitable solution for older pieces of software, and it usually works: for example it worked with my accounting system that is claimed to work up to Windows XP, while I am using it on Windows 10 (2 versions after)

Maybe that MAC has a similar tool?

If you had aversion of Scaler that worked on your system, drop back to that version.