While we are on the topic of requesting new Chord Progressions

…now that ABBA are active again, would it be possible to get a few chord progressions from them?
Would this even be possible, without their express consent (in case they are too busy to respond)?

I keep thinking about songs like this…beautiful…
ABBA - Move On - YouTube

{Just had a nice lunch with an old friend I haven’t seen since COVID, so I am well Pinoed, hence the ramblings…]

Chords are funny things, because they highlight what people like or don’t like in music. There is a degree of ‘hauteur’ (if you will) about how people judge the quality / creativity etc of any piece.

A classic example to my mind is ‘MMMBop’ by Hanson released in 1997. For the many youngsters on the board, you can hear it here

This got diametrically opposing reviews, especially since the otherwise acclaimed Dust Brothers who produced it were accused of selling out to crass commercialism instead of focussing themselves on creative stuff which didn’t pay the rent.

Well, 3m people did like this 4 chord ditty, and heaven know how many times it would have been streamed if that had been around at the time.

So there’s the conflict. Trivial, uncreative chords that have been used in thousands of songs, but millions loved it. Skilled musicians wrote it off as crap candy bought by morons.

Thinks of published music on a spectrum. At one end folk create unique, complex pieces , albeit in poverty; at the other people make music to make money, and that means looking to the ‘morons’. . Neither is right, and maybe we can look to Ernest Hemmingway

*About morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after…"

(for ‘morals’ substitute ‘good music’ )

So good music to me is what you as individual like, but that doesn’t make what I don’t like bad music.

For those who haven’t seen the Axis of Awesome’s ‘Four Chord Song’, spend a couple of minutes with this.

BTW, Hanson owe Dust Brothers for 2,999,000 of those sales - has their production all over it.

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