Who inspires and informs you?

In responding to another post regarding tutorials, I started thinking back on all the people who really got me fired up about Scaler and helped me begin to understand what I could do with it. (when I didn’t really know the difference between an augmented 5th and augmented reality)

Aside from the legendary @davide, :slight_smile: was there anyone that got you fired up about Scaler?

If so, and if they have quality educational content about Scaler available (YouTube, etc) list them here so we can share our inspiration and lessons.

In the Studio One beat making world, some that jump out at me: (listed by when I stumbled on them)

  • My earliest was probably YouTuber Brandon CMO Martinez aka Concrete Zebra of Craft Master Productions and Studio One Tutorials. Brandon love(s)(d) Scaler and has some great educational content mixed in with production tips and cultural commentary. He got me started with Studio One and really interested in music theory. He has a lot of stuff going on and some of his recent content is following the streaming trend that can tend to ramble a bit (IMHO), but some of his focused stuff on Scaler, theory and music creation is fantastic. He is CraftMaster in the Scaler Artist/Community area. Here is an older example

  • Next would be MG the Future, also a Scaler Artist. It seems he and CMP do some stuff together and he has also has a ton of great YouTube instructional content on Scaler, theory and music production. He was early on the streaming train and some of his content is very, very long (3-4 hours), but contained in that content you can find some great stuff.

  • I can’t talk about Scaler without calling out [Ivan Calderon]( Ivan Calderon - YouTube. While maybe not as established as the 1st two on my list, Ivan has a great instructional style, responds quickly to questions and has a very natural enthusiasm about his music, and most importantly for this thread, Scaler. He is also a Scaler Artist

Do you have someone that stands out in your mind? How about in other genres? Why don’t you share it in this thread.

Please however, lets try to limit our color commentary regarding particular styles, genres or even musical “quality” for that matter. The spirit of this thread is more about the how and who than the what.

Baphometrix and his 2 part series on YouTube where he uses Scaler to explain modal interchange and cadences really shoved me down the rabbit hole.


I hate videos, so I cannot be inspired by any of them :smile:
one exception is Davide’s videos that are very neat and clear

To me, forum regulars & haunters inspired, and inspire, me with their post and insights

It’s me?
:rabbit: :rabbit: :rabbit:

I think I found Scaler on my own, not by means of recommendation from someone. But I do learn a lot from Youtube influencers. I second the recommendation of MG The Future - I enjoy his chill style of explaining. I like how he compares functionality across similar products, like Instachord/Instascale vs. Scaler etc.

I also liked the videos from 41 Fingers ReMidi into Scaler 2 into The Orchestra Complete 2 - YouTube - specifically when explaining in a low-key practical manner how to integrate the different MIDI plugins.

And also I like Taches Teaches Intelligent Plugins #1 - Scaler 2 - YouTube

BTW, @TMacD , your hyperlink under “Ivan Calderon” actually points back to MG the Future.

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Thanks @Bernd! Funny you called out 41F’s vid on ReMidi. It’s been sitting in my PB shopping cart for months and definitely got me more interested in Orchestral stuff. It seemed like a great match with Scaler but I’m trying to spend more time learning to use what I have and maybe hit the save button once in a while. :slight_smile:

I got ReMidi a few weeks ago, but I haven’t figured out how to make the “midi sampling” work for my use cases. I guess I had hoped for it to aid me in navigating all the different presets of Scaler (both the chord progression library and the ways of expressions). But I struggle to have all the different MIDI notes combinations “hard coded”. I am looking for a way to express the combinatorial possibilities dynamically, in a multi-dimensional way instead of just calling up static patterns. That’s why I like these Youtubers’ approach, they also try to make things work in a combinatorial and creative way.

As I am browsing through the ARTISTS section of Scaler 2 I am realizing that all the folks you mention here have contributed chord progressions to the Scaler factory library (Ivan, MG, Davide,…)

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