Why can I not choose the format in which Scaler installs?

I’m sure it’s me, but after an install I end up with both VST2 and VST3 versions on my system.

I think it’s normal
and I think it happens with other plugin as well

Why would you want two version of the same plugin?

I don’t know because I am a newbie but here you may find some explanation

I read it too, and it seems that different DAWs and/or Operative Systems want different plugin formats

Because due to a Steinberg bug, although the VST3 versions is (more) better, only the VST2 plugin passes mod wheel, etc. via midi-thru.

They behave differently and some older DAWs don’t see VST3. Also VST3 does not pass through CC and other controller info so using VST2 is necessary to use that information effectively.

Yes, this completely normal and, as Claudio states, this happens with other plugins. The reason is half-historical, half-technical. VST2 is the old standard invented by Steinberg. VST3 is newer version of the plugin. On some systems one or another works better (personaly, I prefer using VST3), on some VST2 is more stable. If you want to see the differences, check this: difference between VST2 and VST3 plugins. Anyways, Steinberg is kinda abandoning VST2.

Compatibility. You’re also getting the AU and AXX versions (at least with the Mac installer).

I definitely appreciate the plugins that allow me to choose what formats I install though, since I seldom have need for anything other than the AU version.

Hint hint, Scaler boys.

Thanks, this was my point indeed: I definitely appreciate the plugins that allow me to choose what formats I install though.

I don’t think it’s completely normal. I know the difference between VST2 and VST3 and I know which one I need. After Scaler’s install I need to figure out what it has installed and manually deleted the version I don’t want. It’s fine with me, but I bet it’s utterly confusing for people who don’t know the difference and are wondering why Scaler shows up twice in their DAW?
I’ve never seen this before.
I’m not complaining, as Scaler is the bees knees, it’s just a weird omission for such a beautiful and modern tool.

Fair enough. Something we could look at. Try not to see anything as an omission though, rather a feature that was added in lieu of a more versatile installer. Something we will ultimately address I’m sure.

Bottom line: Scaler is fantastic!

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