Why can't I mute chords on scale lock?

Hi folks
I’m trying to use an instance for scaler for melody - locking the notes on the keys to the scale. With the chord note/extensions I can mute the chords, but not when choosing the scale mapped/white/only. Is it possible to mute the chords so I can just pluck away at the keys in the chosen scale?

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Hi @jcs88 , if you mean “solos” for “melodies” the muting works just with the latter 2 options on the list (in the red circle)

Using the first 3 you can play solos as well, but your notes will overlap, sometimes, with the notes played by Scaler
I say “sometimes” because all depend on the patterns: some hit many keys and are not very suitable, while other hit a few keys, so you have more room to play solos

Many hope (me included) that in the next release the option to make solos will be improved but who knows?

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Hi Claudio
I think there is a solution on the version for the iPad - see screenshot.

Hopefully the PC version will follow sometime?

it is impossible to read: too little

Hi Claudio,
Sorry you could not make out the screenshot,
It might be better going to the web address and see what I was trying to show in the screenshot

You could probably skip the first 2 minutes.

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Well you can’t because we figure you don’t need to. In the plugin version you just open another scaler turn it on and voila, but I guess in iOS it’s trickier as you would need to open multiple scalers in an audio mixer to do the same thing. Interesting.

And this is the reason why a separated iOS section could be fine
Another option is that OPs state their DAW so one can stop trying to help in “alien” fields