Why I'm not a fan of video tutorials

Starting from here I just realized now why I am not a fan of videos, even if some (e.g. @davide ones) are very useful and well done

Figure that you go to a treasure hunt, and somebody on the way discloses you where riddle clues are hidden…
Fun done for

That’s not how tutorials work. They are a map. It’s still up to you to find the treasure. If along the way you find some scattered gems, all the better. Sure you could dig holes as you go but it’s more work and you would be a long way from finding the true treasure.


There is no map in a treasure hunt…

Just the starting riddle, then other riddles and clues hidden here and there
But, “il mondo è bello perché è vario” (variety is the spice of life)

I think the appropriate quote here is ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’!!!

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There is always a map. It may be broken up and scattered or it might be clues you need to find but there is always a map. How you choose to look, either at random or by piecing together the clues is entirely your option.

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