Why is the bass not D#

I hope it’s D#
The result is still a B
How to solve it?

I have also noticed the same problems sometimes.

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Hi @swingmix

A little experimentation suggests that the performance Bass Basic 1 plays the root of the chord (as do many of the bass performances), so for your progression it will play F#, E, B, D. Althouhg the third chord in your progressin s B/D# the root is still B, hence the performance plays B.

If you want to force the bass to play D# you may try editing the chord to a D# unison on the CHORD page.

I think there are many discussions on this in the forum. The Expressions and dynamic settings tend tp override the settings of the inversions. A shame, I know. Perhaps there will be a way to Use Inversion preference in the future.