Why no one told me about poly chords?

and how do i explore them with scaler?

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Hi @s-a

For the uninitiated may I just clarify what you mean by a polychord. It is a chord consisting of two triads built one above the other but where the two chords are different, eg and Emaj above an Amaj.

Although Scaler does not identify these as polychords I think you may find it does include some as chord extensions. When detecting Emaj (2nd inversion) above Amaj (1st inversion) Scaler identified the chord as Amaj9/C# (Aaron Copeland uses this chord in Appalachian Spring)

This is enharmonic with Emj above Amaj.

My only thought for Scaler 2.8 is to either record the chords in midi into Scaler, or to build them in the Chord page when you want to use them.

One final thought if you want to build a progression based on a polychord I have just tried building progressions starting from Amj9/C# using options on the MOD page and they do sound good (to my ear). I have attached a 4 chord progression below.

Amj Pooly 1-Chords.xml (767 Bytes)

Hope this helps

Happy New Year


ty! i thought about to use 2 instances in parallel. but i use scaler because i do not know music rules :confused: so … would be nice to have a co composer telling me the no gos, may its worth a feature request.

This guy on youtube says i am allowed to play maj on min chord?! why nobody told me that? this is a complete new universe. i bet composers in star wars and indiana jones cheated in one of these ways. i need to find a timeslot to study this. pretty hard beside full time job. happy new year too :flushed:

IMHO music theory is a set of rules that are for guidance, rather than blind obedience. Having said this, Scaler can help you to compose principally using the Suggest option on the MAIN page and the MOD page. There are a number of videos showing this.

The best test is to use your ears - if it sounds right then it is right.

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If you want to sound like Star Wars / Indiana Jones composers then head straight to modulation and the chromatic mediant preset! (PS We will reintroduce the ability to play one chord over another this year!)