Why UJAM doesn't do a revamped Broomstick Bass?

Hi just asked them if there is any chance to have a revamped Broomstick Bass 64bit, possibly with better sounds

I’ve never stopped using it, even if UJAM basses (I tested some) and my Toontrack EZBass sound better

but if I want just jam or audit Scaler riffs on a quick base, nothing beats BB with its automatic bass & drummer metronome

Sven is a genius and I think he deserves a revamped BB

BTW, there are many google searches for an automatic bass & drums vst like BB that is currently nonexistent, so I don’t think it’s a niche with zero ROI

Wait - UJAM owns Broomstick Bass? Really?

Well, I think to remember that Sven Bornemark is (or was) in the team…
And I think that Sven would be glad to have his creature revamped