Why using expensive and complex plugins when... ;-)

Well, the Alfa Romeo roar is renowned in the world he he

But I used my used Alfa Romeo 33 (not the 164 as I believed) 40 years ago…


And I bought it because it was the cheapest sport car available to me (about 3 millions of Lire)

About the fart VST I think this 3d is falling too quickly in the goliardic field


I had a lot of fun with this video

I think I’ll never try to play a sax even if I saw one on Amazon at 300 USD that is not so bad

Or better, I tried once, and I remember I was immediately given an O2 cylinder to recover

it sounds unbelievable…
and yet I composed a bassline with my voice and a mic!
Now it’s too late, I’ll post the workflow tomorrow
I just can say in advance that I used the audio-to-midi feature of EZbass

Davide must be mystified by the sudden lowering in tone of the forum in discussing musical matters in such a way,. Partially my fault, Davide, and I put it down to the English trait of finding humour in scatalogical topics; must be something to do with the education system here.
In my defence I might point to Mozart’s canon “Leck mich im Arsch” (K231) as evidence that it isn’t only the Brits who find fart jokes funny.

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I propose to all goliardic pals :crazy_face: :grinning: to come back to the topic going here

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In defense of German culture, I have to assert that the aforementioned Mozart’s canon makes reference to more profound germanic historic matters than it first appears with its referenced title, the explanation of which here would surely break the tolerability of context diffusion.
But I will insist that the next version of Scaler includes chord progressions from said Mozart’s K231 piece :wink:

Just found that a fart vst exists
and this is perfectly in topic with my 3d, BTW

Boys will be boys :wink:

It’s a psychological thing, of course. But these eschatological sounds make me laugh a lot :rofl:
In a didactic presentation of instruments for young children I was playing the bassoon and, after playing characteristic solos (the sacre of spring, the sorcerer’s apprentice, and some cartoon theme) it occurred to me to disassemble the bell of the instrument and blow strongly ; Then I asked: “what does this sound remind you of?” A little boy, about 7 years old, immediately said “to an elephant fart”, hahaha
In the following year, 2 new children came to the bassoon class at the conservatory, and one of them was that boy. The fact is that neither of them took music studies seriously. They just wanted to fart like an elephant, :rofl: :rofl:

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@jjfagot : this is unbelievable (is it real?).
I remember that my dad mentioned me that he read in the newspapers about a French guy who was able to make an entire concert (no idea how long this was, certainly not 1.5 h as today’s stars) by sending winds from his butt and the finale was always French national anthem, the Marseillaise. It was somewhere at the end of the 60’s/beginning of the 70’s, if I remember well.

Some more “music”: Mr. Methane

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
It’s a waltz, and no help from Scaler or anything

the question is, can one route Scaler MIDI output to the lower intestines without ghost notes? :rofl:


You just need this plugin after Scaler…
:cold_face: :crazy_face: :rofl:

I remember Didier LeBoz (aka Dieter Zobel) having offered a similar Reaktor instrument, he custom developed, many years ago.

I suppose that with Reaktor you can better control the dynamics, expression and velocity :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I am scheduled to go through a colonoscopy soon, I suppose I could bring up the topic to the medical expert and hear out their advice on the matter? :wink:


I also assume that collecting the samples to create the plugin will have taken time and effort! :rofl: :rofl:
I’m not sure why, but these eschatological themes always make me laugh. I’m laughing at it all afternoon. Thanks

boys will be boys…LOL