Why using expensive and complex plugins when... ;-)

… you can play everything with your voice and a mic?


I saw that a while back, and I guess I’ve been gone too long to understand the stereotype joke about the Germans, techno party? The sound he imitated was more like the Golf GTI or Opel Manta machos back in the 1980s where the stereo had more watts than the car had horse power. Meanwhile, my friends and I were driving old Mercedes with large engines (“Hubraum statt Spoiler” :wink: especially since driving cars requiring leaded gasoline was considered the true status symbol then (since you can’t credit finance your way into high operating cost :wink: Good thing we have Scaler now to engage in less embarassing hobbies :smiley:


I never had a Golf but a red Alfa Romeo 164 in the eighties
There was no stereo at all, but the car had a spoiler…
I don’t know if it’s the same spoiler you mention anyway

I had neither Golf, nor the other…
Well, the truth is that the first car I had was an Opel Rekord ranchera (captain?). It was the car that my father had to take his paint supplies to his work. It looked like the funeral home car, but I loved driving the gears from the wheel. Mine was always great, :smile:. Then I also inherited a Mercedes 600 from my father-in-law. I took it away because of the amount of gasoline I used, not for anything else. It was perfect, except when the streets were too narrow for the car.
I did not realize the joke with the Germans, but without a doubt the guy is very good. Too bad I have little voice (although quite unpleasant), because I would save a lot in VSTis

Do you mean the car was able to rekord your first tracks?

it sounds to me this whole discussion was to make the point that we demand beatboxs sounds in the nexr Scaler version. Am I right? :wink:

Obviously, Bernd.
Sounds that remind us of our cars and motorcycles.
With new exhaust pipes, of course

I’ll call Exhaust Pipes my next song
:rofl: :rabbit:

Can’t say I share the enthusiasm for motor noises. I have hyper-sensitive hearing and it always hurts me physically when loud Harleys and street racers blast by our house. I keep saying that those who need to impress with loud vehicles must be compensating for missing something else (like not having Scaler :wink:


Well, there was this guy recently who sold sounds of his bodily venting noises as NFTs for a lot of money. So if your old Alfa has a certain sound note, I am sure there will be a sucker, err, I mean connaisseur, willing to dish out the dough for it :wink:

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That’s. A true connoisseur who values the result of the sound. The same result will not be obtained with good legumes as with cheaper ones that are cooked for a longer time and with a lot of potatoes (these produce highly valued arpeggiates). The same as the exhaust pipe muffler. It must have holes of a certain size. Who knows and understands that, has no problem paying what is fair. :rofl: :rofl:

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On that topic, a French guy called Le Petomane made a living in the 19th century by musical performances as a ‘flatulist’, viz melodic passing of wind. See Le Pétomane - Wikipedia
Perhaps Ed could make up a sampled instrument for Drum and Barse fans ?

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Well, the Alfa Romeo roar is renowned in the world he he

But I used my used Alfa Romeo 33 (not the 164 as I believed) 40 years ago…


And I bought it because it was the cheapest sport car available to me (about 3 millions of Lire)

About the fart VST I think this 3d is falling too quickly in the goliardic field


I had a lot of fun with this video

I think I’ll never try to play a sax even if I saw one on Amazon at 300 USD that is not so bad

Or better, I tried once, and I remember I was immediately given an O2 cylinder to recover

it sounds unbelievable…
and yet I composed a bassline with my voice and a mic!
Now it’s too late, I’ll post the workflow tomorrow
I just can say in advance that I used the audio-to-midi feature of EZbass

Davide must be mystified by the sudden lowering in tone of the forum in discussing musical matters in such a way,. Partially my fault, Davide, and I put it down to the English trait of finding humour in scatalogical topics; must be something to do with the education system here.
In my defence I might point to Mozart’s canon “Leck mich im Arsch” (K231) as evidence that it isn’t only the Brits who find fart jokes funny.

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I propose to all goliardic pals :crazy_face: :grinning: to come back to the topic going here

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In defense of German culture, I have to assert that the aforementioned Mozart’s canon makes reference to more profound germanic historic matters than it first appears with its referenced title, the explanation of which here would surely break the tolerability of context diffusion.
But I will insist that the next version of Scaler includes chord progressions from said Mozart’s K231 piece :wink:

Just found that a fart vst exists
and this is perfectly in topic with my 3d, BTW