Will Scaler 3 have a solo feature like the Chordz one?

I hope so, because Chordz lets you play solos easily, and it also lets you change scales at taste and save them as a preset

For example, here I created a Dorian bluesy with a few clicks

And I am having a lot of fun jamming with this free plugin

Ciao Claudio, if you select A# Dorian in Scaler 2 and turn on keys lock won’t it do the same thing? You can also move the bind area to give you lots more notes to play with.

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Sometimes it works, but very often doesn’t, and playable notes are too little, with jumps also going from e.g. the 4th key of 1-2-3-4 to the 1st key of 1-2-3-4-5 series close to it

Ableton scales work almost always, with many notes and no jumps, and I can also use them in sequence

But Chordz shines because I have tons of notes with no jumps, and I can edit scales creating new ones, like the “Dorian bluesy” in the picture above that is not a standard Dorian as you see

Ah I see it’s the creating your own scale you also like but as for the rest Scaler 2 does the same and should work 100% of the time following these instructions (let me know if it doesn’t per favore).

  1. Open Scaler and choose a Scale (C Dorian)
  2. Bind Section B
  3. Turn on Key Lock (Scale White Keys Profile)
    Now you will have the chords on the left and all the right hand keys play scale notes in rising, non repeating order.

If you want more room just simple move the bound area down an octave in settings.


Yes, it is another story

I called it “Dorian bluesy” because after changing 2 notes in the standard Dorian, it became close to a Blues scale, but it has nothing to do with the “bluesy” definition in Scaler

It is really an “alien” scale, a mix between Blues and Dorian scales, so impossible to do in Scaler

About keys-lock, I know that I can use the 3rd item in the drop-down menu, after having desynced Scaler from my DAW, otherwise Scaler chords are also sent to the plugin, but even this trick sometimes fails

I suspect it fails when I use Suggest to create very complex and exotic series, and in those cases I can only use Chordz

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“Rendete dunque a Cesare ciò che è di Cesare”
Then why do you want it in Scaler if Chordz does it as you wish? Use Chordz where that’s appropriate and Scaler where that fits; presumably when you are jamming with Chrodz you don’t use Scaler simultaneously?

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Chrodz is less stable: this is why

Anyway, a way to make customized scales in Scaler could be welcome

for example, those asked for here

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