Will scaler be available for iphone

I wanted to get in touch with the Developers and ask them if Scaler 2 will or possibly be available for iPhone. I don’t own an iPad and I have a Mac but I never use it. I prefer my iPhone. And really really want Scaler 2. It’s the greatest scale/chord app and probably on the top 5 greatest apps for IOS/IPad, but since I don’t have an iPad, there’s no way of getting it. And I also have been checking into Scaler 2 for the MAC. I’m wishing a good deal will come around so I can grab it, I just want the simple Scaler 2 plugin for MAC, so if you guys can possibly let me know on that as well. But the main focus of this post is “Will Scaler 2 ever be on iPhone”. I couldn’t find the developers email, so is why I’m here. But I, no WE need Scaler 2 for iPhone. If at all possible to make happen. Thank you

Hi @joe1990dominguez and welcome to the community. the iPhone is an important device and Scaler obviously has many issues to deal with before it can be made to fit the function and screen real estate of the smaller iPhone. Will happen one day but not sure when.
In terms of sales on Scaler 2 on desktop, sales to occur but the only advice I can give is keep checking back at Plugin Boutique. We don’t set the sale price they do.
Hope that all helps.