Win 7 - Scaler EQ sluggish when running in Studio One Pro 4

SC EQ demo V1 runs in my DAW but is “laggy” in a similar way to versions of Scaler beyond v2.7.1 effectively rendering it unusable.
Yes, I know Win 7 is well outdated, but it is within SC EQ specs AFAIA.

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve heard a few people talk about Windows and Studio One and lag issues. We are doing some PC testing today (although we don’t have Win 7). @Tristan @James Could we please check on Studio One, Win, Scaler EQ also and report back here. Thanks.

Hi folks. We’ve given the Scaler EQ VST plugin a good workout here on a Windows 10 machine with Studio One and Reaper with no problem. Plugin ran perfectly with no sluggishness at all.

@PADR are you seeing the laggy behaviour immediately when first opening Scaler EQ? Even in an empty Studio One project? Windows 7 could be the culprit, however that is tricky for us to test without an older Windows 7 machine.

Unfortunately, yes it does lag immediately. I have a similar issue with the latest Scalers. Seems like it’s a prob with Win7 o/s.:frowning: