Workflow for 6/8?


I’m struggling to use Scaler for a song I am writing in 6/8 (set to 6/8 in Cakewalk). I need a chord change on the 3. I go into settings and set chord duration to 3 but it changes the chord on the 6. I can fake it out by changing my DAW to 3/4 but then the feel is not right. I’d otherwise need a chord duration for 1.5 which is not there.

I’d also like to have more of a performance vs single chords but the only 6/8 patterns are on Phrases which change my chords quite substantially. Am I missing something here? Can we get some other time signatures on Performances which keep the chords I have already set?



Hi @VocalMike,

You can play with the multipliers in the playback performances section:

You are right, phrases will adapt to the scale of the chord. You can switch to “chord/scale” mode and play with different scales to generate different content but it will always be played as a phrase.

The content is created specifically for each category, I am sure we could manage to add some performances for those time signatures, we will discuss internally.

Thanks for the feedback,

Thanks Ed, it would be awesome to have some 3/4 and 6/8 performances. The multiplier did the trick for my other issue.

More on their way. You can easily manipulate triplet feel into 3/4

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