Working on a sketch

I had this melody in my head, but since I have neither perfect pitch nor intuitive awareness of scales, I just jotted it down, send it through Scaler from the DAW piano roll (where I drafted things for auditioning), and then learned from Scaler what scale my melody was. I found out it was a bit all over the place, so with Scaler’s help I nudged my melody and accompanyments into what turned out to be A minor / C major (verse/chorus)

Song of Hope - Take 2 by Bernd@PDX

Instrumentation is Scaler internal, except for percussion.

I am imagining eventually to have some sort of rap lyrics, monotonous, emotionally downbeat, bemoaning all the worries in this world, just for the chorus with an angelic voice to sing the “Song of Hope” …“I am dreaming of a world, where…” (examples of things getting better)

Hoping for some constructive feedback, as this is still work in progress, and I am poking in the dark…

I really like the underlying lead motif, which although varying throughout, retains a core structure which makes the whole very coherent.

Not sure about rap vocals (but I’m not really a rap person), but I think they would work if they provided a fairly contrasting overlay to the underpinning music.

“just for the chorus with an angelic voice to sing …”
Sort of Black Eyed Peas style ?

Anyway, it’s good, and I look forward to ‘take 3’!

I hear you, perhaps rap was too strongly suggestive of the stereotypes of hiphop rap. I mean monotonic, staccato, talk-singing, so as to underline the dystopian verse, and strongly contrast the chorus vocals in their cheerful melodic nature. So the verse is intended verbal listing of stuff, not quite singing. Now I have to come up with the lyrics I am envision. And I intend to have them rhyme, hence the thinking of rap as a shortcut.

Yes, that would work well. Would make a good juxtaposition,. [Rap always makes me think of Megan Thee Stallion or Niki MInaj (if that’s rap…)]

So what dystopian topic do you have in mind ? Climate change ? The likely end of the American Empire ? (Gloomily predicted by historians like Niall Ferguson) Some next “end of days” man made virus which escapes from a CIA lab ? Trump re-elected in 2024 (oops, sorry, shouldn’t talk about US politics :blush: ) all of the above ?

Or something less catastrophic, and just merely profoundly depressing ? (Higher taxes in Portland ?)

PS: I see that you have moved to more ‘normal’ weather shown by the BBC for the next week as sub 60F plus rain and more rain.


As for topics, I try to be as generic/globally relevant as possible, and stay out of partisan issues. Yet have to work on putting on paper some words. Just have a strong vision and a tune :wink:

Oops, it picked up Portland, Dorset, England. Yes I see you still have shorts and tee shirt weather.

Two female hip hop persons. I happened to write in my blog about Megan Thee stallion a couple of months ago, and before then had never heard of them. Time Magazine made her one of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2020, and on looking her up I was surprised that, given her obscenity filled and grammatically challenged lyrics that there were not more appropriate candidates, but heh ho, I’m an old dinosaur.

I agree on your partisan point, but today it seems everything is partisan, from the weather to a mask (same here) Maybe poverty …ever increasing global inequalities will at some point break political systems round the world. This is pretty deep though … it’s a musical piece !

Whatever, I’ll look for it with interest!

that just gave me an idea for another song: “Louis the XIV”, to the melody and rap style of Falco’s “Amadeus, Amadeus” and as a warning to all power grabbers with absolutistic ambitions :wink:

Nice piece and nicely composed. You’re accessing some sounds I still need to find in Scaler.

Not a rap guy, either - much prefer instrumentals, but the piece is yours. Wherever it takes you, you should follow !