Wrong chord names in the modulation view, Modal Interchange mode

I was playing with the Modulation feature of Scaler 2.8, more precisely the MODAL INTERCHANGE mode, and when dragging chords to section C, I noticed the complex chords names used by Scaler, like F###### dim instead of B dim.

Is there something wrong in my settings, or is it a bug ?

I have never seen this before, but I have just reproduced it, so there is a bug

Given you were in Cmaj, I’m wondering what you dragged to get Cbbb min showing as being in the scale … I can’t reproduce this

However, I did perform a sequence of operations which showed that dragging any chord to Section C would generate a seemingly random chord, and each time it added an extra # onto the end. Scaler then crashed (and took the host with it) if 8 chords were dragged.

I’ll see if I can do a video.

[Test done on Windows 10, Cantabile Solo host]

Thanks for the information ! I can reproduce it even form a new session.
On my side, I’m under Windows too, my host is Studio One.

Ok, here’s a vid of the problem.

(download to view … BT’s viewer is crap)

This must be a 2.8 issue, as I have used this previously without this problem.

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Looks like a bug. @swingmix has reported it and the Devs are looking into it.


thanks a lot ! Awesome reactivity ! :slight_smile:

I’m just answering with what I know. Perhaps one of the Devs will chime in with a more comprehensive answer.

Fixed in 2.8.1 coming very soon.


thanks! i thought i was losing it… i wanted a Bbm and got Cbbm instead :slight_smile:

i could get the Bbm if i switch to F minor scale and borrow but the modulation version of that was still wrong :slight_smile:

Hi guys

I was intrigued by this bug and am happy to say I think it has been resolved (well almost).

I opened Scaler 8.1 and chose C maj on the MAIN page. I then switched to the MOD page and chose Modal Interchange. I then dragged a number of chords into the pattern. When, for the first chord I dragged Bbmin into the first block it changed to A#min, see below

I know the two chords are enharmonic and sound the same, and the naming of chords has been discussed before, but…?

OK I concede this is a picky point, but if people are trying to use Scaler to improve their understanding of music theory it could raise some doubts.

Hey @ed66. I wouldn’t consider this behaviour to be a bug, but simply Scaler’s global naming preference. In this context we’re talking about borrowing the 7th diatonic chord from a parallel mode, so you could certainly argue that it makes more sense to continue referring to the chord as Bb rather than A#, however Scaler globally associates the note A#, not Bb with the C Major scale, so that’s what it goes with here. It similarly prefers C# over than Db, regardless of context.

I take your point about potential confusion, however note/chord naming can be a very context sensitive or even subjective operation. So lot’s of room for confusion, and very tricky for Scaler to align with user preferences 100% of the time.

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Hi @Tristan

I don’t think this is a serious issue but I think, strictly speaking, the correct name for this chord is Bb min. Bb min is its name in the list of substitutions for B dim, so I would have expected that to be the name in the pattern. The question is why did Scaler change the chord name.

But as I said, it is not a significant issue, just being a bit picky, and raising it if you ever review how chords are named in Scaler, as I know this has been raised in other posts.