Wrong chord when drag the midi file

Hello, i been working with Scaler 2 and recently with the update i started to see an error. When i made a progession i can see wich notes are playing, but when i drag the midi file, it plays different chords.

What i need to do to fix it?


What do you mean different chords? I can’t actually see what the notes in the MIDI file are. How are they different than what we see in Scaler. The FMaj chord plays what notes in the midi file? The CMaj with E in the bass plays what notes in the midi file?

Hi @josue

We can’t see what notes you have in your midi clip. Can you export the Scaler state and upload it here, together with the midi clip, please? If we have the state and the clip it may help identify the issue.

Many thanks

Hello, in the first image I’m playing the first chord in the pattern, Fmajor and all is correct, then I drag the pattern back to a midi clip as the photos and when I play the midi clip sounds another chord of the pattern, not FMajor, in this case sounds and select the last chord of the pattern to sound, Cmajor/ E, as you can see in the image.

When I play the pattern in scaler sounds good until I drag the pattern to midi clip, I play it and sounds other chord of the pattern not the one is in the midi clip.

Maybe is something about the bind options? Because I detect that sounds other chord of the pattern that isn’t in the midi clip.

Thank you

You should not have Bind on if you are playing the MIDI clip back into Scaler. That MIDI is for playing the instrument NOT Scalers Pads.Of course it’s playing a different pad because its notes are trying to play a chord but it is triggering a pad which is what it’s doing if I understand you correctly. If you drag a chord or pattern to play MIDI from the same Scaler it came from turn off Bind.

I have the same problem.

Unfortunately, I noticed that many chords don’t match correctly. Using the method you showed, I pass the chord from Scaler2 Control to Logic Pro, and it recognizes and names the chord correctly. However, when I drag the chords from the chord progression to the MIDI track, it often inserts the wrong chord. For example, in the attached picture, you can see that the third chord is C maj add 9. Both Logic and Scaler name it correctly everywhere, but when it is in the MIDI track, you can see that it marks totally wrong notes—and therefore it sounds completely different. I’ve noticed this problem many times and I don’t know what could be the cause.

On the pic we see the notes of the C maj add 9 chord in the scaler with light blue color. These aren’t the notes of the midi track’s third chord.

Sounds like you have a chord track active and changing the notes. I use Cubase and use the chord track specifically to do that if I want chords to be different later on. I haven’t used Logic in a long time and when I stopped it did not have a chord track. Does it have one now?

Hi Jamieh!

Yes, the new Logic 11 has a Chord Track. David has a video on YouTube where he shows how to use Scaler 2 and the new Logic together. Here is the link:

I do nothing else but pass the chords selected in Scaler to Logic in the way David shows, then drag the chords from the chord track to a MIDI track.

If I enter the chord names in Logic and don’t provide them through Scaler, it builds the chord with the correct notes.

And they often turn out different. I’m trying it out now, and maybe I’m just being stupid, but I don’t know the reason. :slight_smile:

Sounds like Logic is doing something to affect the chord.

I don’t know how Logic could influence this. Step by step, I do exactly what David does in the video. I use the same chords, the same sound, and if I play the chords through Scaler, all the notes are correct. But the moment I drag the chords to the MIDI track, just like David does, the fifth and eighth chords are completely different, even though their names are correct.

If you want, I make a video about it. :slight_smile:

Hi @Ashen Logic Pro is interpreting the chords in it’s own way, it needs to to ensure compatibility with its session players otherwise it would be a free for all. So whilst everything In the YouTube video I made is accurate in that it all works together, Logic just has its own way of voicing every chord. It’s not customisable. In your example the chord in Scaler and Logic are both C Major with an added 9th. They are voiced differently but both completely compatible with each other. If you prefer Scaler’s voicing just drag the chord from Scaler!
@josue We need some more info for your example which is different to @Ashen Can you please make a video or upload a state. Are you midi capturing or dragging the actual chord? Really hard to tell what you are doing but there must be a reason for the F Maj / C Maj.

Okay, thank you Davide! :slight_smile: