Wrong file type in Windows download for 2.9:(

Pluginboutique has always been a Zip file for windows, it now downloads a .pkg file. Windows11 can’t use that type of file. Where is the 2.9 zip? Tried several times with the windows selected and the download is always a .pkg file.

Hi @OregonVideo

I suspect you may have downloaded the MAC as opposed to the Windows file: something I have done in the past when rushing the download :man_facepalming:. Don’t forget to ensure that the Windows button is selected before you download the file.

I have just downloaded the Windows update and it is an exe file.

Yes, I think it’s a PB bug: even if I always download the exe, it offers me always the MAC version first :crazy_face:

I thought I had clicked on windows, but I’m old and my hands misbehave:)

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Yes, me too, but after you select Windows, and you go to the top of the drop-down list, where is the latest release, PB moves you happily back to the MAC version YUK

I don’t remember how many times I was fooled by that

In practice, you should select the latest release in the drop-down list first, and only after you click on the Windows button

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