Wrong Notes When Exporting Audio WAV and/or Drag & Droping in Steinberg's NUENDO

This is my first time in, so I hope this is not an issue that has already been addressed. I am on a Mac and my DAW is Steinberg’s NUENDO 13. After exporting my Scaler2 Track I find that the notes (in Performance) are not correct or playing in the same manner as when I am simply reviewing the track before exporting. I did make sure my Bind was not selected, however, Scaler2 is still giving me the wrong keys as an audio Export as well as when I try to simply drag it out to a Midi track. When I play/review the track with SINK on all is absolutely perfect. However, if I try to export the track as a WAV or Midi (or Drag and Drop) the notes and performances are all wack. I’m not sure if I need to do an Update to correct the issue, but I’m also not sure how to make sure I have (or how to get ) the most recent version of Scaler2. Any assistance you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.