Zplane released Tonic

A new plugin that lets you detect audio in real-time. No demo yet available but think it could work great with Scaler. Think it should print the MIDI data you trigger within its GUI.

No MIDI out. But the detection of how much your audio file is away from A=440 Hz helps a lot to tune the audio files or VST instruments.
It suggests up to three different harmonies. A great little tool to use in conjunction with Scaler.
Miss now even more non-diatonic scales to be implemented within Scaler´s GUI than before.

Scaler currently has 10 scale classes with 67 modes, and I’m interested to learn which scales you would like to see added. There are some obvious missing groups like Bebop, Symmetrical, some Pentatonic, which sort of leaves some more obscure ones like Pelog, Kumoi etc.

I’m always confused with scales and counting them because of the synonyms (Leading Whole Tone is covered by a transposition of the Neopolitan Major which Scaler does cover.

There is an interesting page at All Possible Scales - Google Sheets
which lists every set of intervals and covers scales which are theoretically possible, but no book will list.

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It’s not about more scales but the workflow primarily. I sometimes use Bebop minor and major and Tritone scales but that´s not everyday work. I hardly use any scales outside of what Kontakt Komplete delivers with its scales.

I have trouble analyzing songs with Scaler alone. If the GUI would let me choose other scales life would be much easier. Zplane´s Tonic helped me to detect that the guitar played parallel chords in minor to other instruments playing in C major yesterday for example. Once I know what happens it’s easier to survive in an arrangement. And start playing immediately.

An advanced Pad view would make life much easier I think. If it would let us dial in parallel scales, Secondary Dominants and Secondary Leading tones to begin with.

Right, I get that.

How does Tonic compare with deCoda (also Zplane) , which I have ? There is obvious overlap somewhere. It’s not clear from the blurb on Plugin Boutique’s web site what space each is trying to fill.

It seems to me that the various alternates for detecting audio I have access to all have their own quirks and strong / weak points, so I often run the same piece through more than one for comparison.

Don´t have deCoda. Think the difference is in Tonic delivering alternatives to a key. It always delivers two alternative keys. And the built-in keyboard that lets you trigger chords within a key at the moment with a mouse only. But that´s where Scaler kicks in.

Check out Mixed in Key Live

The major difference in Zplane´s Tonic is the detection of the tuning of your audio input. If your audio is out of tune in relation to other signals you might get into trouble even with simple chords, later on, to begin with. As I mentioned earlier Tonic delivers three alternative keys. You never know which suits your song best without trying them out instead of one.

Check out The Snail Tuner by IRCAM Labs, probably the best polyphonic tuner i have used.