2.6 Mac Update Opening PKG error

“6440_Scaler-2.6.0.pkg” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.

Chrome downloaded this file today at 19:06 from d2865crbws52b9.cloudfront.net.


M1 Air

This has been reported three or four times already…

I checked before I posted this. Don’t see any posts on it still.

From Davide:

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Hi @Pericles

The dev team are currently working on getting a correctly signed version to PIB asap. In the meantime right-clicking the pkg and selecting open should get you up and running.


Very good.
Two questions:
-I’m using the 2.6 beta until 2.6 is signed. Are there any major differences between the beta and the release version?

-How can we know when the signed version is available at PIB?

Thanks weirdly I didn’t get the right click option or ‘open’ button on first attempts but just repeated it using ‘open with installer’ and it gave me the option

The version you have is the final version, just not signed correctly by the DEVS. Is happening early next week so will be up at PIB July 5th.

OK! Thanks! Good to know!