2.7 & Ableton Live 11: Sync & Multi Out Works!

I’m NOT an Ableton User BUT always looking to help. :slight_smile:

Check out these TWO VIDEOS on YT…


Multi Out:


maybe I’ll try that a day or another

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well, I tried and it didn’t work
I cannot follow the whole video workflow, because something lacks and I don’t understand why and what
I need presets, not any kind of programming

This one is not for you because Scaler cannot run in sync to the DAW from Element. So it’s only good for playing pads manually or with MIDI triggers. I think the MIDI loop function should work like a MIDI loopback on Mac but since I don’t have Windows I can’t test it out.

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ah OK, thanks

in the meanwhile, racked with curiosity I reinstalled Reaper just to see how MULTI-MIDI out works, and it’s cool, really cool

but even if I was able to create a 6-tracks prog tune (never happened before with Reaper :grinning:) I had the confirmation that I don’t like Reaper, so I’ll renounce to that feature

then I came back to Ableton and found a new cool workflow
I’ll explain it in another post

Ao you mean this product doesn’t work connected to Scaler?

I mean the free tool called Element
it is mentioned in the video, to be used with loopMidi to have Multi-Midi out in Ableton

It’s NOT about programming but it IS about learning how to use the functions of the DAW (Ableton), Now he DID say it does not “synch” with the DAW BUT you can work with the Midi data once its IN the DAW. If you only use “presets” you end up not distinguishing yourself from someone else who uses the SAME preset. If however you can live with that then have fun. :slight_smile:

for “programming” I mean put together a series of exotic and cumbersome plugins with a steep learning curve, to find that they don’t work after having wasted a day of fiddling around … :cold_face:

anyway, your tip simply doesn’t work with Ableton, as explained by Davide here

what you don’t know, not being an Ableton user, is that nevertheless the MIDI channels you route, Ableton will nicely kill your marvelous convoluted exotic routing sending all data in Channel 1 :smile_cat:

So there is no working workaround currently, apart using multiple Scalers, that is the better/easier way to orchestrate with BBCSO Discover, OPUS Pop Brass, and Garritan World Instruments IMHO

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