A good balance between too much help and too little help

Not being a musician, but just a mousier, I’ve often reasoned about how finding a balance between too much help and too little help, as explained here

I also reasoned to the fact I have reached the end of my musical journey, due to my poor skills at keyboard and music composition that stopped me improving

But tonight I decided to play the UJAM Silk guitar in the Instrument mode, just to relax, and I think I found a good incentive to go on :grinning:

The UJAM Instrument mode is not so bad as somebody said

Well, it’s not so bad compared to my skills I reached playing real guitars at least, and it also let me avoid any stress on my fingertips and wasting money for the axe, strings, etc

So I put together a simple Latin song with Scaler 2, EZDrummer 2 and EZBass, and I started “playing” the UJAM Silk with my bare hand while Scaler sent chords to it, and I am quite satisfied because this is a very good balance between too much help and too little help

I recorded the guitar to see what I was able to do, and I clearly made a lot of errors at the first try, but I realized that I was able to improve my technique with exercise, thanks also to the virtual accompaniment that makes the exercise more enticing than playing alone

So, in practice, I felt myself as I was starting to study the real stuff in the real world, that could be an impossible task to me without some help, while it is a tough but not impossible task with the help of my plugins

Tomorrow, I’ll do a mini-tutorial and I’ll put on Soundcloud a sample

good night