A list of real MMO-capable plugins like Edirol?

Hi there

Since Scaler 2.7 amazing MMO feature jumped out, I tested all my plugins to see what were able to take advantage of that, but I found I had just one: Xpand!2

The BBC SO Discover was not an option because it allows for just one channel/time, and even if you can duplicate multiple instances, and possibly group them in a rack, you must assign manually many parameters to each instrument, that is such a mess and a waste of time that I’ve happily thrown it in the rubbish bin

The EW Pop Brass followed the same path for the same reason

My Garritan World instrument should work because it can receive multiple channels/time, but you still have to do a lot of boring manual work, because it includes 1 gazillion of instruments, and their note-ranges are too many, and all different YUK!

I then searched for other options, and I eventually found a little old 32bit free gem that works like a charm with Scaler’s MMO

It is the Edirol Orchestral, and I can drive it with just ONE Scaler instance, having up to 14 different orchestral instruments playing automatically, each in its own key-range: a fabulous find!

So now my query is: what other plugins work with Scaler MMO the same way as the Edirol?

I think that Omnisphere can be the second in the list, but unsure it performs like the Edirol

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Now you have Bitwig, you can do so much with Channel Filter, Note Transpose, Note FX Layers and the like.
In short, you can force any VST to do what you want.

Well, try to use Scaler with Edirol, and you’ll understand the difference…
A huge difference

I don’t like messing out with complex workarounds :wink:

Don’t use it with Edirol. Let your fantastic DAW do it’s thing. :wink:

sorry, but I’ll use it forever :grin:, notably in Rock & Prog music where it shines

I am not a musician, I don’t live making music, and I don’t want to do anything boring like studying music: I just want to have fun jamming (often without recording anything) with easy stuff, and the Editol was the missing link in my arsenal

Now I have the Toontracks that works easily and mostly alone giving me the accompaniment (bass, keys, drums), I have Edirol for the orchestral stuff, and I have a few plugins for solos helped by Scaler or Bitwig filters, and I have the Izotope’s to Mix & match: it’s all settled…

Unless another MMO-capable plugin like Edirol, but using better sounds, jumps out

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Of course you are a muscian, you make music. What else does a muscian do?

For example, a musician knows the music, and is able to play one instrument (at least)… and, is possibly able to complete a song (@jamieh knows what I am speaking about LOL) :cold_face: :rofl:

At the most, I can be called a mousier (term invented by @TMacD)

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Although Omnisphere is multi-timbral, and has over 12,000 patches ( :astonished:) it is weak on orchestral pre-sets; I think they just don’t see this as being their space. They have some nice ensemble patches (‘Adagio Expressivo’ for example) but that’s not much use for orchestration.

Although you can now import your own audio samples (I cheekily dropped in some of the flacs from Scaler’s library) you can’t do much with them other than sound mangling; multi-sampling is not available at the user level.

So fantastic instrument though it is, I suspect it wold get a :-1: from you, @claudio.

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UVI Falcon and Tracktion’s Hyperion Modular Synth both support MMO…

OK, but do they work like Edirol in term o playability?
I mean that you send them one chord, and all instruments play their part without asking (instructions or money :rofl:)

Yes they work exactly the same way as Kontakt or Omnisphere (I’m not familiar with Editol). Not sure what you mean by (instructions or money) but if you have licenced Falcon or Hyperion they work - but you need to load or create a Multi preset in each. The following YT link shows a quick video I made (possibly not the most professional lol, the video link is also in this Forum’s Tutorials area) of Falcon and Hyperion and Scaler’s MMO working together…

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I mean that they must play without asking me what to do
and I’m not willing to pay them for playing :rofl:

for the video, I’ll check it

Well, presumably you accept that you have to set up the patches you wish to be played on each channel (as per @Simpl3Sim0n 's demo) - or how would the target synth know what to play ?

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Edirol instruments do just that way: you feed a few chords from ONE Scaler instance, and they all play happily for me

Download and test it, and you’ll see :grin:

I’m probably being really incredibly thick here, but assuming I could find an Edirol instrument on the Roland web site (I can’t), loaded it up and sent it midi, what sounds would it play ? Presumably they have more than one patch (you imply that they are multi-timbral) ? Or do they telepathically load up @ClaudioPorcellana friendly sounds :grinning: I’m genuinely baffled.

However, knowing our differences in favoured genre, It’s probably not for me, then …

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Wait tomorrow that I’ll drop a tutorial about film sound-tracks, and you’ll see, unbeliever :rofl:

in the meanwhile, here it is

All of my instruments respond the same. Scaler>Instrument>Play

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I mean that all 16 Edirol instruments play, not just one…
So, Scaler MMO > 16 Instruments > All play their note-ranges

I think that the Edirol is using the General MIDI spec and is designed from that era of Hardware that honored that even though it is a VST. So there are MIDI channels 1-16 assigned instruments already. You can change those to fit your needs. Do you change the instruments at all in Edirol? I doubt that the lowest notes that Scaler is sending on Channel 2 are Bass notes for instance. What is the default instrument layout in your Edirol?

Indeed, I’m not sure what Claudio has discovered here :thinking: