A lot of variations for VB-III (and any other synth, I think)

It’s very simple after my own heart, but very powerful

find 2 cool series of chords for the Hammond
the low keyboard will play a bassline, the upper keyboard the soloist part

then drop an audio track that receives the VB-III output, so that you can record all variations you’ll create
If you don’t do that, the recording will include just the LAST pattern used, and this applies also to AAS Strum-GS and other plugins where you can change patterns on the fly, BTW

now run the 2 Scaler instances in sync, and change the patterns in the Scaler for solos, one after the other, starting from the slower patterns and going up to the faster ones

when you find a pattern that sounds well, stop there for a few measures, then go forward and backward to taste, then go on again

you cannot be wrong because the pattern will change exactly when one measure ends and the other starts, nevertheless the moment you select the new pattern

N.B: for the sake of fun don’t use regular measures, but rather change them often by ear and to taste
if a pattern is not fine go on quickly
if a pattern is too slow double its speed

this way you can made very complex and variable synth-lines, alternating slow and fast parts, that is very suitable for prog tunes

now it’s late and I am sleepy, so I’ll complete the tutorial tomorrow with files and pictures

I leave you with our daily surprise: a flock of migrating cranes


And here is the rest of the tutorial

All started finding by ear with Scaler and AAS Strum-GS a cool accompaniment guitar track
then I duplicated it and set in sync all the other instances

the Hammond was driven by 2 Scaler instances, using the workflow mentioned above, i.e. changing patterns on the fly, by ear and to taste and sending the whole performance to a further audio track: this way you can have Hammond parts more variable, alternating peaceful fo furious measures

The routing

The accompaniment guitar
A note about the Love Lost bank: I find it full of riffs cool for prog, not just for love song

The various Scaler instances used

Scaler-State_for acco guitar.xml (41.8 KB)
Scaler-State_for solo guitar.xml (42.3 KB)
Scaler-State_Hammond 1.xml (41.8 KB)
Scaler-State_Hammond 2.xml (41.9 KB)

About EZbass I usually drop the Toontrack Audio Sender on the guitar, but in this case I used the Hammond track to have the same variations of peaceful and fast riffs

The EZDrummer line came from the bassline through the Bandmate feature, as usual

The solo guitar is my loyal Triple Attack by Xpand!2

N.B. I don’t know how they did, but this distorted and sustained rocky guitar is amazing because the easiness to produce a Larssen effect :heart_eyes:

In the past I tried the only 2 plugins that claim to deliver that effect and no one worked, while this one works like a charm

and there is the result: Long Train

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