Ability to add your own "Custom Performances"

The performances are good, but what if we’d like to add our own custom performances, like custom chord sets.
At the moment the performances are arps Up-down, alternate, etc. Normal arp patterns.

What if I want a performance where I want to play notes in this sequence:
1-5-5-3 (note 1, note 5, note 5, note 3 in the chord)
The ability to make an arp pattern performance up to 16 notes long.

Then people could share custom performances as well as chords if they like adding a new dimension to the “community” you’re trying to create.


We have an interesting roadmap for Scaler. Scaler will eventually introduce a feature that allows more customisation and capturing of various settings and performances. Stay tuned.


This is great, I was about to request for the same feature, perhaps something like how the Venomode Phrasebox or the Nora arpeggiator allows for creation of custom chord patterns / playing styles. Custom performances, phrases and rhythms inside Scaler would allow us to do pretty much all commonly used midi processing inside one plugin, it would be a huge workflow enhancement. :+1:


A feature to add your own performances etc would make this one of the worlds best, without any doubts at all. Should nearly be numero uno priority!


Just reinforcing this topic. Custom performances would be huge :pray: :pray: :pray:.

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Agree, would love this. @davide Any update on its progress?

Welcome @EricJames
It’s coming along with lots of other things!, it won’t make the current iteration of Scaler. Watch this space.


That’s fine @davide , as long as it’s on its way I’m happy :wink: Really appreciate the update & the welcome!

Hey @davide, I don’t know if this fits at all with the direction you guys are planning, but I was just thinking how I can already drag a MIDI performance from Scaler into my DAW and edit the MIDI in my DAW. How cool would it be if I could then drag that same MIDI back into Scaler as a new custom performance. That way I could use all the editing tools I already have in my DAW to get the MIDI just the way I want. Since Scaler would know what chord was used to generate the performance MIDI, it could (I think) perform the inverse mapping to turn the MIDI back into Scaler’s own internal representation of a performance.

Just a crazy thought! Keep up the great work.


Not a crazy thought at all but exactly where we are headed…


This would be the absolute killer feature for me. At the moment Scaler is awesome at helping me build chord progressions and voicings but I want to record a pattern (played manually) and be able to then transpose that across the chord progression. This way I can play in a scale that’s comfortable to me and still take advantage of Scaler. I’m looking forward to the inclusion of this very much, thank you!

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tout ceci est très bien, mais la musique a énormément besoin de spontanéité ,tout se développe bien sûr et je trouve scaler magnifique pour donner une impulsion créatrice. mais la performance est un autre but, celui de l’artiste. (si j’ai bien compris) :wink:

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C’est correct, mais des fois un petit coup de main peut aider â avancer.

une phrase musicale a tellement de variations possible…son harmonisation aussi… mais oui oui oui scaler est très bien conçu déjà, il faut jouer :musical_score: :musical_note: :notes:

So many people need it. It looks like it’s coming soon

Looking forward to seeing this feature implemented!

Is there any update with this?

So far we haven’t seen a major update (such as v3) only incremental ones. I would guess later in 2022 since we have the iOS version coming first and a 2.6 update coming soonish. I’m sure they will jump in here at some point and let us know.

A ‘big number’ upgrade (v3.0.0) would normally come with an upgrade fee. Given the amount of effort Scaler puts into the product, and the trivially low entry price (relative to function), this would be (from an entirely personal perspective) reasonable, and I’d be happy with that.


Absolutely! An investment in the future of Scaler. I can’t remember what the upgrade price from v1 to 2 was but it wasn’t that much. Well worth it.