An odd way to use Scaler revitalizing AIR Ignite


trying again to use AIR Ignite to feed Scaler, I composed this dreaming folk arpeggio folk AIR.mid (11.4 KB)

then I placed the MIDI in the Strum-GS track, and I selected a suitable folk guitar

I tried then to have Scaler importing the MIDI, and it failed as usual: tons of chords, too many of them not recognized; too much a hassle polishing them IMHO

so I tried a different thing, never tried by me before (maybe others did it and I didn’t realize?)

here is the picture

Strum GS feeds Scaler, and Scaler feeds a piano

here is the Scaler setting
Scaler-State_2021-01-18_000052.xml (272.9 KB)

and the relevant screen-shot

Now, it seems to me (but maybe I am simply stoned now :woozy_face:) that Scaler does something to the input, and this “something” change if I select different patterns, notably in the Expressions area…

I tried to move the chords in Section C, but there are too many chords for the Section C, so I cannot take advantage of the many juicy options there

Nevertheless, it seems to me that some interesting output may jump out, so AIR Ignite can be revitalized, and Scaler boosted this way

What do you think about?

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yes, something happens
here is the picture

the 2 MIDI (input and output) are different

here is the recorded MIDI in EzKeys
5-EZkeys 1.mid (17.9 KB)

and here is the final result

Hey chief!

You are using Ableton I see! Good DAW! First of all, Ignite is only major and minor scales. And it is not very flexible for what you want to do. My recommendation is to just work with scaler alone.

You see, for the bass and melodies, scaler has a grand base of mega options of different arpeggios. And you can use scaler in as many tracks as you want!

What you want to do is route your choosen vst’s to the different instances of scaler and you can compose anything you want!

Since ignite stopped development and is just now way behind scaler, you are ending up depriving yourself from creativity.

I think you have not explored the deep possibilities of scaler yet :slight_smile:

You will see that you do not need ignite anymore. And Ableton gives you a ton of great vst’s and arpeggio generators as well!

Keep the creativity going!

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Sure, but most of them were created for keys, and notably for the pianoforte…

For example, there are a few, if any, expressions suitable for a pipe or a Hammond organ
and finding phrases or arpeggios that sound good (not robotized) for a guitar is hard, or just impossible, currently

about arpeggio generators in general, I tested all demos I was able to find, but all them sound as robotized

it is difficult to explain as I don’t know the musical jargon, but I disliked the output of any arpeggiator I tested, included Scaler ones, while I love the AIR Ignite arpeggios output that sound more natural to me

The same applies to Scaler strumming, so I always prefer strummings embedded in specialized tools as AAS Strum-GS 2

Now, do you really think that the guitar arpeggio I posted here is easy, or simply possible, to do with Scaler alone?

I have some doubt :thinking:
but even if it is possible, I suspect it could need way more efforts and time spent to program in the Section C, and as I compose and play for fun, any process that stop me having fun is noxious

thanks for your reply anyway

well, for the bass, I prefer using AI basslines of Toontrack EzBass

consider that I don’t know musical theory, and I am unable to play decently any instruments
this is why I prefer specialized AI plugins that do the more complex job (bass and drums) more or less alone, as Toontrack’s EzDrummer 2 and EzBass, but delivering a sound that seems human

clearly, I would hate HAL9000 playing all instruments alone, so something in the middle is fine to me :laughing:

EZbass is cool! I am sending you this link:

Please check it out, this is a very good class on progressions.
This fellow will open up a brand new world for you in a very easy

After you watch this, you basically can skip 3 years of harmony studies.
In 1 hour with scaler you will know the essence of chord progressions.



thanks Peter

I’ll look it later
now I have to work

Modal interchange… :thinking:
Yesterday night, still testing Scaler with Ignite (I am pigheaded :laughing:), I found the Modal interchange by accident, and the output was amazing

I hope to find some time to see the video today

I was unable to watch it
the music he plays is awful (disco? trap? whatever) and the SSSSibilant voiSSSS of the SSSSSpeaker SSSent the SSSSSSShiverSSS down my SSSSSSSSpine

he is not playing any music? are you watching the right thing? he is teaching about the core of all hits! What he is teaching is what takes a couple of years to master. Sorry that I can not help you.

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yes it plays some music, and it is awful LOL
some kind of disco, trap, or electronic
no jazz, blues, old style-rock SOB

don’t worry anyway: I think I understood something from that video, just putting a couple of cotton plugs in my ears

I know that Ignite Kills My Creativity, and here is the evidence but the fun doing this vibe was priceless

OK, now I am a good boy and come back studying Scaler

@ClaudioPorcellana - I downloaded Ignite to see what you were excited about. The biggest problem with this app that I can see is there is no way to route MIDI either into it or out of it. Why there is no MIDI routing is crazy. What needs to happen is a way for you to route Scaler into Ignite so you can trigger Ignite patterns with the great Scaler chord progressions. Then maybe you could export the MIDI with the pattern from Ignite. Seems like that app is only half thought out.

Here is the link to the groove3 ableton classes, pick a good one, very cheap and learn about this wonderfull DAW Ableton that you have:

Keep creating music!

it is a very old project, stopped why?
I don’t know
I only know that I love most of the pattern it has, as I still love and use the old BroomStick Bass even if Toontrack EzBass jumped out

BTW, @Ed1 and @Luapmartin and @davide maybe that the old BroomStick Bass can be injected in Scaler as well?
Bornemark said to me, he wanted to update the software, but he lost developers :wink:

for example: try to do that with the same easiness in any other tool…

about the other question you can even export the MIDIs and use them as you want in your DAW…

You and @future are perfectly right!
AIR Ignite is way worse than Scaler

nevertheless, it has some sounds and patterns that are difficult to find elsewhere without breaking a dozen of piggy banks

for example, I love the sound of its saxophones and other brass, Hammond & C, and the classic guitar, and I love much funky patterns and guitar arpeggios

So I ended thinking that I’ll keep it in the drawer, in case I need those sound and patterns

Apart that, I agree that Scaler is fun to play with

At the end I uninstalled AIR Ignite!

@future was right: Scaler is way better :smiley:

I still think that certain sounds and patterns of AIR Ignite were amazing, but while instruments were very numerous, and some of them very good, patterns were too few and very close to each other, even changing the instruments

But you want to take that class I send you to learn how to operate and generate sound with Ableton. Because scaler does not produce any sounds.

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Thanks, I did a look, but I have no time/will to study…
As I said I study a lot for my job already, so during spare time I prefer to relax

I’m not sure if that is the right decision for you since you had so much fun with it. Ultimately it’s good for what you want, not other people. I would have continued with it if it let me input from another MIDI source. That was my complaint and I had no time to work with it to see if I could hack the system like I usually do.
Do what makes you happy or have fun.

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