Audio detection doesn't love Rick Wakeman and others

awesome addendum

I’m tempted to let it recognize a Rick Wakeman tune: very curious

well, after some test I can say that Wakeman and The Yes are too complex to recognize

the same applies to Cream’s Strange New Brew, John Mayall’s Oh Pretty Woman, and Mountain’s Flower of evil

quite oddly I was unable to have a simple song as Tom Waits Blue Valentine recognized

I had only luck with Curved Air’s Marie Antoinette that was almost perfectly recognized

considered that my wishful thinking is to create something new, this is not an issue

BTW, I had many crashes and I suspect it is due to my 2 monitors visualization but unsure

For Rick Wakeman, I am not suprised :slight_smile: This guy is so complex and good.A real genius.
Concerning your supposed two monitors issue, I also use twin monitors and have absolutely no problem. However (and not related to Scaler), my DAW freezes when i have Reaper and any browser open at the same time. Sot, this can be anything.
Try working with only one monitor at the time to confirm (or infirm) this supposition. Check what other processes or VST you use. Try to disable them all except Scaler, then enable them one by one and see whether it still crashes at some moment,

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Hi Miki

I know, I know, if I had only 1/10 of his skills :grinning:

nevertheless I was surprised by the missed recognition of a simple song as Tom Waits one

abut that crash it is not appearede after, but I certainly follow your suggestions if it reappears
thanks for your reply

BTW, my PC is quite low in RAM and CPU speed, so my PC specs are likely responsible
I have common crashes with EZDrummer as well