@Audio recognition chord instead of notes

Hey Oliver;

Scaler will not typically bring back notes from its detection algorithms but there are a couple manual ways to get single notes into the workflow. I’ve never seen a direct audio conversion trick.

Even if you can get notes into Scalers A section (by playing or by detection) you will find you cannot get them into sections B or C because they will not drag. However, if you convert them into a single note (what Scaler calls Unison) or and Octave note you can use them like chords.

If you are getting chords with the notes you want, you can convert them into Unison notes by removing the extra notes in Chord Edit mode. Move the notes to a pattern and then go into Chord edit mode and click on the offending notes. You can also add Unison notes while in Chord edit mode by selecting an empty chord and clicking on an individual note.

If you want to play your noted on your keyboard directly, this will help you quickly convert them to Octave chords that might work for you.
A “quick” way to turn detected notes into chords in Section A for use in section C - Tutorials - Scaler Plugin - Community Forum

Good luck

nice workaround, thank you! Will there be a fast and direct way in the next version of Scaler?

I agree this would be useful. If I bind 16 chords to my Maschine I will have space for single notes to jam with.
Please make this a little easier.