This plugin would be way more powerful if all parameters (scale chordtype etc) where exposed to the DAW. That way we could switch to a different scale via automation etc.

I was very surprised that this is not currently possible…



Absolutely! As a user I agree but our ecosystem is quite complex and live. There are a few ways to circumvent this and ‘keyswitches’ are my preferred option. We are working on ways to make what you suggest possible - inbound!!


I have a suggestion,
(Cause i like the keyswitches approach)

you could make a savestate system,
put a button that opens a dropdown menu with savestates

| Savestate 1 > | --- | -empty-                  | -> when clicked waits for a key input
| Savestate 2 > | --- | Savestate assigned to C4 |
| Savestate 3 > | --- | Savestate Assigned to D4 |
| Savestate 4 > | --- | -empty-                  |

This Approach would fit perfectly (evend better than an Automotion).

I’d like to reprise the request for automation. I’d love to be able for example to change the “perform” and “voice grouping” settings. At the moment I believe that the only option is to capture midi while playing as desired. Thanks!

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