Better name for MIDI clips

When I export a MIDI chord sequence from Scaler 2 by dragging it into Ableton, it gets a generic Scaler MIDI name. I would like it to have the name of the chords in the clip name instead, which would be much more useful.

Hi @Amodit

Welcome to the form. I think this may be a function of Ableton Live rather than Scaler. When I drag a midi clip into Reaper I get the chord name at the point where each chord starts

and this has been a topic of much discussion in the past (Text Label for midi should have the chord/notes when dragged into DAW).

I am not sure, but I think there may be a problem with incorporating a list of chord names into the midi clip names especially on longer sequences with many chords, although it could be nice to have.

There’s another thread here: My Scaler has stopped exporting chord names with midi - #8 by mbrowne

You could drag a chord off and open it in a hex reader to see if there is a chord name in it, if so it’s an Ableton thing. If there is no chord name, try the workaround in the this thread.

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Here is what Scaler 2 exports when I drag and drop chords, with and without markers:

Ableton Live doesn’t seem to show the markers, which is unfortunate.
But my suggestion was for the name of the MIDI file to include the chord names (maybe as an option) so that they appear directly in the name of the clip in Ableton.

For example the second clip (what I’d like) vs the first one (currently) :

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