Cakewalk Scaler Project Crash

Cakewalk by Bandlab. Any project saved with Scaler 2 within it won’t load again, instead it crashes every time, requiring full PC reboot. Currently cannot access projects at all!!

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Hi @Daylaa,

sorry to hear that, which version of scaler where you using ?

  • the latest 2.0.4 ?
  • Where you using the VST or VST 3 ?
  • Scaler 2 or Scaler Audio 2 ?


Thanks Paul, I’m using Scaler 2 having downloaded it just yesterday. (Scaler 1 does not cause this issue).

The programme runs and operates absolutely fine when I load it into an existing Cakewalk project. However, if I save and exit, the project will never reload again. I’ve tried un install and reinstall of Scaler 2, but to no avail. The crash occurs when the ‘loading Scaler 2 synth’ box appears on startup of Cakewalk.

ok, could you make sure you are on the latest 2.0.4 version ?


Hi Paul,

I also got the same issue, looked at the version, it was 2.0.2. on Windows 10, Cakewalk, same exact symptoms. Now downloading 2.0.5 and crossing fingers that doesn’t happen again, I lost the chord progressions I was working on…

I really liked the new features and the improved UI otherwise!


Downloaded 2.0.5, crashed again but was happy to see my progressions had been saved.
Just saw you now have released 2.0.6…

If this one crashes again, I might just sit this one out until it’s stable. Appreciate the hard work going into this but I just don’t have the time.