Captcha login - disable Beatport Studio

Is it just me or do you feel the same about this captcha login, I feel to uninstall scaler eq only because I don’t use as much as I thought I would and the login has got so anoying trying to solve the captcha every time boot up, takes a few minutes at best and sometimes over 5 minutes even tho I get them correct, and why does it not save my logon details when I click remember.

HI @DannyCGY Are you talking about Beatport Studio? That’s something you would need to take up with Plugin Boutique directly as it is their system.

Would scaler eq work if i uninstall beatport?

Im sorry I am not entirely sure how PIB’s online system works but of course you can run Scaler products without Beatport Studio if you own them outright (not rent to own or part of Beatport Studio). If you started with either of those options and want to move to Scaler’s own registration system and uninstall Beatport Studio that is definitely possible. See this post and please let me know how you go with it:

ive also tried to open without login into beatport but it won’t authenticate, so we have to have beatport to access scaler eq, Its so anoying trying for 5 or more minutes to logon while I have a client waiting to start there project.

So you are under Rent To Own or have you purchased outright? If you are RTO then you should contact Plugin Boutique and feedback there (we don’t have anything to do with the RTO system). I think it’s important that these types of things are improved.

I’ve purchased it outright so I expect the software to work without a download portal that has to authenticate me every time I boot up my machine, say I’ve used scaler EQ in a project and take my laptop else where with no internet access, what happens then.
I don’t use scaler EQ for those reasons only or until this logon issue is solved.

if you own it outright, then uninstall EQ, then turn off beatport, download the installer directly from PB, and install using that. you should no longer be required to login. i never installed beatport due to so many complaints about it, i have installed Scaler EQ and Scaler 2 from directly downloading the installers and using only those - never an issue or requirement to login. so to me, it sounds like the beatport is the issue.

Thanks fossile thats exactly what i will do, i wasnt aware you can

I have uninstalled and downloaded and installed from the scaler installer but im stuck with this message

i’d suggest reaching out to the Plugin Boutique support then as it seems to be something wrong with the beatport autorization of your plugin.

@DannyCGY Did you read through the thread I linked to earlier in the post? A user was suggesting they fixed by:

Solved by delete appdata files for both pluginbotique and Scaler 2 after uninstalling the apps. Rebooted and reinstalled just scaler 2

I do think there needs to be a better solution for users moving to outright ownership and wanting to move away from Beatport Studio as it seems to have trapped some users. I will also reach out to PIB but please do report to them.

I haven’t deleted app datafiles just all the vst components, im off to bed now but will try again later today, thank for your time and assistance davide, I will post out come for anyone else having the same issue.

Have heard from PIB, an easy way to achieve this:

Thank you so much davide, you have been a great help and finally I have scaler working without beatport, it was very easy after all, just uncheck plugins used in beatport settings.
I will now confidently use scaler in my projects, really appreciate you taking out time assisting me.

For anyone else who wants to use scaller eq without beatport …
open beatport, go to settings and uncheck scaller eq, that’s it.

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