Change octave in chord page

If I go to the “chord” page the suggested chords are often in a very lower octave - if I use the octave+/- button that changes the octave of the chords in my progression builder at the bottom.
Is there a way to change the octave of the suggested chords?

Hi Jake,

Welcome to the forum. The chord suggestions at the top of the CHORD page are based on the notes you click on in the instrument panel above. So if you click on notes lower on the keyboard, your chord suggestions will also be based around those same lower notes.

If you’d like the suggested chords to be in higher octaves, you’ll need to click on higher notes in the instrument panel. Perhaps press ‘Clear’ first to clear your lower octave notes. Hope this helps!

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Hi @jake

Welcome to the forum. The CHORD page is used for manipulating individual chords.

If you want to change the octave of the whole pattern you can do this on the EDIT page by selecting the whole pattern and then changing the octave (see Transposing Patterns (aka Changing Key)). Hope this helps.


Sorry I rushed my initial response above. I have been experimenting with this a little and it would appear that the octave of the suggested chords is related to the octave of of the chord block that has been selected for editing. To illustrate this see the example below:

I have a progression when the first block C maj has a high pitch:

Selecting Csus4 from the suggested chords the pitch is the same as the first C maj.

The second C maj chord (block 3) has a low pitch:

and selecting the second C maj and choosing C sus4 from the suggested chords it now is at the same low pitch as the second C maj

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Not sure I’m following you, by instrument panel do you mean the keyboard at the top of the screen? If so, while in the chord page if i click on a high note on the keyboard, the chords are still from a very low octave.

I think @Tristan is referring to the keyboard at the top of the screen.

Just to clarify if you click on a note on the keyboard all you are doing is adding a note to the chord. If you want to transpose the chord up or down the keyboard (i.e. change the pitch) you need to use the transpose buttons that are positioned below the keyboard (see Introduction to the CHORD page, The Chord Page: Inversions, and The Chord Page: Entering Custom Chords in the Tutorials category.

Use the buttons right below the keyboard on the right.

Those buttons change the chords at the bottom of the screen from the main page - not the suggested chords in the middle of the window.
My issue is often the suggested chords are in a low octave range and I can’t figure out how to change their octave range?

Ok, that makes sense, I’ll check what range my chords are when I’m back at my computer.
Thank you for looking into this.

They change on mine (the octave button I mean). There can be a difference in Octaves between the searched chords in the middle and the suggested chords on top. The octave does effect both as well as the bottom row. However they may start at different ranges. It might be nice to have a button on the search chords for octave to balance them together. It’s never interfered with my workflow though.

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