Introduction to the CHORD page

In this tutorial I am going to introduce you to some of the functionality of the CHORD page.

From the MAIN page

click on the CHORDS button

which will open the CHORDS page. At the bottom of the page is your progression from Section C on the MAIN page.

Note that the first block has a yellow border and the others have little yellow triangles in the top right-hand corner. The yellow border signifies that this is the block on which you are working to create variations.

If we select the fourth block (Fmaj) by clicking on the yellow triangle in the top right-hand corner,

the variations for this chord appear just below the keyboard in the section CHORD SUGGESTIONS

and the notes of the chord are shown on the keyboard

To generate a more comprehensive list of suggestions for any given chord click on the Circle of fifths. In the example below I have clicked on F as this is in a major scale

The comprehensive list of suggested chords is displayed to the rights of the circle. Note the grey scroll bar below the list.

You may also do a custom chord search by typing the chord name into the CHORD SEARCH box

The list of variations of this chord is displayed below the search box. Note the grey scroll bar below the list.


You can create inversions by clicking on the - or + INVERSION

Each time you click he - or + sign will invert the chord by one step: 1 click = 1st inversion, 2 clicks = 2nd inversion. If you have extended chords then the 3rd click = 3rd inversion and so on.

Transpose a chord:

Raise or lower the chord by a semitone

or an octave

again each click moves the chord one semitone or octave

You can also create custom chords by clicking on a block and then clicking on the appropriate keys on the keyboard. You can also remove notes from a chord by clicking on the note on the keyboard.


These tutorials are such a help, thank you!

You’re welcome. Check out the videos on the Scaler and Plugin Boutique channels Youtube

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You can remove notes from a chord or add notes to a chord (creating and extensin) by clicking on the note on the keyboard.