Chords Arpeggios And MIDI Problem

Hi Scaler Forum.

I’ve Just Bought SCALER 2.

I Wish To Use SCALER 2 In Both REASON 11 And LOGIC PRO X On My Mac.

After Downloading And Installing SCALER 2, Successfully, It Appears To Be Quite Wonderful.

However I Have To Admit I’m A Complete Novice And That I’m Slightly Confused.

I Was Hoping That When You Played A Chord Using Just One Key On An External MIDI Controller That The Full Chord Would Appear In The DAW As An Actual Chord.

ie Rather Than Just The One Key You’re Playing On The External Keyboard ( Triggering The Chord In SCALER 2 ) Appearing As One Note In The DAW, That ( For Instance ) A TRIAD Would Appear As Three Separate Notes Within The DAW.

Does That Make Sense ?.

Similarly, I Was Hoping That When You Engage The ARPEGGIATOR In SCALER 2 That The Arpeggiated Sequence Would Appear “Dotted” ie As Arpeggiated MIDI Notes Within The DAW Rather Than Just The Full Length Of The One Key You’re Holding Down ( Triggering SCALER 2 ) On The External MIDI Controller.

Is There Something Obvious That I’m Missing ?.

I’ve Watched Several Tutorial Videos And Haven’t Found An Answer.

At Present It Appears That To Create A 3 Note TRIAD Chord In MIDI Notes In A Given DAW That You Have To MIDI CAPTURE It And Then DRAG It To The DAW.

Surely It’s Simpler Than That.

Yes ?.

Do I Solve This Problem With BIND MIDI And Engaging That Aspect Within SCALER 2 ?.

It Would Be Quite Wonderful If Somebody Could Explain The Process Of Both CHORDS And ARPS Appearing In The Given DAW As MIDI Noted CHORDS And ARPEGGIOS To Me.

I Humbly Apologise If I’ve Missed Something Terribly Obvious.

I Sincerely Look Forward To Hearing From Whoever Can Help Me.

Thank You Kindly.


Hi Again.

I Think I’ve Made A Mistake.

Should I Have Posted My Query Here Or Elsewhere Within The Forum ?.

Again, I Am Very Confused.

I’m Having An Absolute Disaster.

I Humbly Apologise If I’ve Posted This Incorrectly Within This Forum.

This should get you going. You just need to realize that Scaler is designed to send MIDI to other instruments. That is the MIDI you want to record. This deals with Logic X and Scaler —


Also some info here —

This is a good Scaler tutorials. Any by David should be studied.


jamieh !.

Thank You Sooooo Much.

I’m Indebted To You.

Thank You For Your Kind Replies.

Admittedly I’d Only Had SCALER 2 For 1 Hour Before Posting Here.

And Due To My Total Lack Of Patience Was Immediately Frustrated That SCALER 2 Didn’t Operate The Way I ( Repeat I ) Wanted It Too. LOL.


After Posting Here I Went On To Watch Another Couple Of Tutorial Videos Explaining How BIND MIDI Actually Operates And BIND MIDI Appears To Be A Perfectly Feasible Way Of Operating SCALER 2.

However It Appears That You May Well Have Solved My Initial Issue.

And May Well Have Helped Me In Getting My Wicked Way With SCALER 2 !.

May I Take This Opportunity To Thank You For Taking The Time Out To Help Me jamieh.

That’s Incredibly Kind Of You.

Thank You Ever So Much.

Kind Regards.