Chords Smoothly

Hopefully, a “chord flow” function key will be added. I don’t know if I’m using the right word. My main idea was that after picking out the chords in SCALER, the editor was too troublesome. Is there a way to make the chords smooth with a single click.

It’s called Voice Leading and it’s tied to the Voice Grouping up above section A. But I agree I would like a little more control over what it might be doing. Do you have Voice Grouping on in your example?

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I do not enable voice grouping now.
I now like pure and clean chords, which will allow me to find the most accurate chords.


One thing that works for me is Extract and Apply Voicing.
Right Click on a chord that you like the voicing. from the drop down menu choose Extract Voicing. Now click on a chord you want to be closer to the chosen chord, right click and choose Apply Voicing.
I just went through my pattern using the first chord as my guide and I got all of them to sit in closer to it.
Extract Voicing
Apply Voicing


It’s a good way.
If you can achieve the chord balance as much as possible in the future, it would be better

It’s quite useful for now and I think a hidden gem, like many in Scaler.

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thanks. very nice!
It allows chords in different areas to come to close areas. it’s actually very good.

I now hope that SCALER can be smarter. I have posted a new article.

These are all inversions. All chords have notes that can be played in different orders. Then changing the Tonic note an octave below to one of the other triad notes you get you altered Bass note. It’s fun isn’t it? All these things and more make up music and Scaler is helping you explore that.