Couple of bugs using with Bandlab Cakewalk

Working through the tutorial and having much fun. Just a couple of things:
I can drag a midi clip from Scaler into a midi track in Cakewalk just fine. But then, when I select the clip in order to drag it to exctly the correct bar, it leaves a copy behind as if I’d done Ctrl+drag. Not always, but often.
The other bug is when minimizing Scaler within Cakewalk.On a couple of occasions now I’ve clicked restore and Scaler gives me a completely white window. This requires a full restart of Cakewalk to fix. It will allow a successful Save Changes, however.
Running latest versions of CfB, W10, Scaler 2, RME Multiface, Akai MPK mini 3, number of free vst plugs only.


Hi @LouHela

thanks for reporting, we will have a look, it has been reported in other DAWs as well that Scaler duplicates the MIDI clip on drag.

What is your screen setup? Do you use multiple monitors?
You can try to disable the OpenGL Rendering from ScalerSettings and see if it improves:

Hi Ed

Thanks for the reply.
I realised this is the wrong section of the messageboard for reporting bugs. Sorry!
Please, if you want to do so, relocate it to the support section.

I’m using a single 32" Samsung at 2560x1440.
“OpenGL” Rendering is not an option in my version of Scaler settings - preferences.
Help search doesn’t find it nor is there any mention of it in the pdf manual.

The minimised Scaler sitting at the bottom of the Cakewalk window frequently restores to a blank white screen if I edit any of the midi in Cakewalk, and if Scaler has been minimised for a few minutes… If I then close the white window and try to re-open Scaler from its Icon in the Tracks Pane, Scaler opens to a new blank black screen. I then have to restart Cakewalk which is a major pita.

New session today and the ghost copy problem when dragging a new midi clip from Scaler into position on a Cakewalk midi track is happening all the time. Not critical, but annoying.


Quite a frustrating long session using Scaler within Cakewalk today.

Scaler crashed on numerous occasions, in addition to acting rather inconsistently.

Recording a midi take of a pattern when played on my AKAI MPK mini 3 controller keyboard occasionally caused the MIDI CAPTURE button to only half illuminate. The CLEAR button would also read “CLEAP”. Then, all options (settings, instruments, etc) lost their functionality, and only the keys and pads could be activated with the mouse or keyboard.

Playback of a piano pattern, with Cakewalk sending midi back to Scaler was occasionally very inconsistent regarding note velocities and occasional notes not even being played. When the midi data was copied to another softsynth, e.g. AIR’s Mini Grand, playback was perfect.

I see from other users’ comments that the issue of Scaler copying two versions of a recorded Midi Capture into the host, as I reported earlier, is not unique to Cakewalk.

Finally for today, semantics. When multiple patterns are selected for continuous automated playback, one is then prompted, by right-clicking, to “Unselect all patterns”. “Deselect” is the active verb you need. “Unselected” is used in the passive to mean it was never selected in the first place.

And never was. It is clearly stated in the post (that you got from Ed) that you have to use separate app called ScalerSettings and not Scaler’s Settings (as ‘Settings of Scaler’).

1/ Press the Windows key to open the search and type “ ScalerSettings
2/ Execute ScalerSettings.exe
3/ Go to the Help page and click “Turn OFF OpenGL”
4/ Restart your DAW

No, ‘unselect’ is commonly used in anything and everything related to computers. Is it jargon? Yes but it’s widely understood so it is in line with comunicative function of language.

As a professional proof reader, I can assure you; it is not correct.

I run Cakewalk Platinum and had the same issues with crashes. The disabling of OpenGL fixed the issues associated with the crashes. The duplication of Midi clips via drag and drop is still an issue but not such an issue to say the software has not been tested or is a con. The overall value of the software is tremendous and if you cannot see that value then you certainly have not explored what it can really do. It provides a platform for inspiration and experimentation that goes well beyond any other plugin I have every used. Yes, dealing with edits in Cakewalk with duplicate clips is inconvenient but not so much that I would trash this excellent program.

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@lelek is quite right. I checked everything from my iPhone to software and unselect is used in everything in computers. This explains it well
Thankfully we won’t require your proof reading services.

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If you think UNSELECT is proper English as an active verb, then please write in you own language

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Closing this topic now. Thanks to all who participated with useful feedback. We will try to address the reported issues in the next update.