Cubase 10 Pro complete crash

I can not get this program to work I paid good money and it completely locks my cubase I have to reboot the computer to try and try again?
any suggestions I have tried both vst and vst 3 but as soon as add the instrument its locked up

Make sure you have the latest version installed and open a new Cubase empty session and load Scaler after installing and rebooting your system:

Everything is already up to date . Going to try disabling open GL hope that helps

changed the open GL option and actualy got it to work, however after using it, it just crashes all the time.

I have tried to use it about 15 or 20 times to see if its a certain thing I’m doing but its not, just crashes whenever it wants
Can I get my money back?

Hi @plcpaul

sorry you are experiencing this issue.
Since the last update, the audio detection is causing instability on Windows.

You can try to disable it within Scaler as explained in this post:

We have an update fixing this bug and a series of issues that will be available soon.

If you still wish to get your money back, this should not be a problem, you will have to contact Plugin Boutique, they are handling the distribution of the software.


Thank you the newest update fixed it. seems to working , Its a great program I am glad.
Now to dig in and use it