DAW sync not working properly in Logic Pro X 10.7.5?

Hi, I just updated to Scaler 2.7 and using it for a new beat. I selected chords but does not play when I play it in my DAW. If I click the play button on Scaler 2, it plays but when I want to play it with DAW sync on status, it does not play. Is it only me?

Yeah I was having trouble with this. Worked for a bit, then stopped working - I would have to start playback a certain way into the timeline for it to work.

After that it started working again :man_shrugging:t2:

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I do not get a clue because I did not anything special after the update. I need to take a look.

I have the same problem, the follower scaler does nothing. It receives the connection but no midi infomation

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Hi Mel,

Thanks for sharing your issue.

Scaler needs to be updated soon I guess.

Hi all,

Scaler 2.7 It is buggy in Logic10.4.4 and 10.7.4 Best described as sometimes does sometimes doesn’t. Both as MFX and plugin as player or in sync mode, My main interest at the moment is the new multi voice out. I find dragging out the midi onto its track wakes it up so to speak, after that seems to be stable, mute or remove the dragged track midi and I’m good to go.

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Same problem.

Scaler 2.7; Logic Pro 10.7.5; Mac Monterey

I know ‘inputs’ and ‘outputs’ are correct in Logic and Scaler, plus the chords/keyboard controller are sending signals properly thru Logic, because I see the Meter Level in Scaler responding as it should, yet no notes/chords are detected/captured, etc. And won’t play chords/notes from within Scaler.

ps – sometimes, and I mean rarely, Scaler WILL suddenly work, but then stops working
for no apparent reason.


Have right clicked on the play button and sure it is in DAW Sync mode. No issue with DAW Sync in 10.7,.5 works flawlessly here.

DAW Sync has to respond to a play start command from your DAW, so you have to stop start your DAW, you can’t just jump in half way through

?? Live Sync only sync section C. Change a chord in the progression builder in the leader and the followers will change. Please check my scaler 2.7 video on YT

It’s solid for us and also in beta testing. Midi FX on Monterey in M1 Macs requires launching Logic in Rosetta. As our lovely Steve Jobs would say - please ensure you are using it correctly!

This is a different problem to the OP, I have answered your question in another thread.


That is what I was doing. What I meant was sometimes when I hit play in the daw transport with the play head right at the beginning, scaler wouldn’t start playing until it was a few bars in. I haven’t reproduced this since my first play around though, and I seldom use daw sync so I’m not really bothered anyway :slight_smile:

Also, may I just take a moment to commend you, as a singular man, for providing better customer service than some entire corporations lately :+1:t2:

Sorry Davide,
Thank you for answering.
I am on an Intel Mac updated my OS to Monterey 12.6.1 today so that I could use Logic 10.7.5 with its magic Record MIDI FX to Tracks feature - works great. As pkr3 wrote … Scaler sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t. I am not using a controller or keyboard just the start/stop buttons in Scaler MFX. With this combination I don’t think I need Rosetta. PS the sync function did not carry over exactly for Scaler number 3 and 4 or number 4 and 5, it did do something though after waiting a while for number one (Leader) to start. It is in my opinion on my equipment still buggy - same on an older Mac running High Sierra OS 10.13.6 with Logic 10.4.4. Maybe it is the DAW sync that causes it, as I wrote earlier dragging the midi file out onto the track and giving it a kick start helps, the Scaler MFX channel outputs to an External Instrument → IAC driver bus 1. To split the midi from Scaler’s new multi-voice output, that is a very good idea thank you

Hi. I’m having a hard time with Scaler 2.7 w/the DAW sync in Logic 10.7.5 here too (also midi hanging that the panic button doesn’t seem to fix).
Mac Ventura 13.0.1. Using the play button in Logic doesn’t seem to trigger Scaler. It’s intermittent. I’ve checked the DAW sync preference is on and have toggled on and off but to no avail.
Any ideas?

Double click → Midi Activity Display No Out in Logic

Thanks elmo5! I’ll try that next time.
Still can’t get DAW sync happening though.

I’m having sync problems too. Until I found this thread, I was believing it was user error. Sometimes it syncs, sometimes it don’t. I’m about to bounce from this product.