DC Snares Released!

Quick thank you to all the team involved here for the hard work and dedication on getting DC Snares to market. Thanks to all the community that contributed to the beta testing and all the useful feedback too! It’s been a bit of a dream of mine to have such a toolkit so hoping people love it as much as we do! :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m only slightly ashamed to admit it took me until watching this video to realize what the DC in DC Snares is short for. :upside_down_face:


mmm, I’m more curious than a fox, and now I have to check it :rofl:

The name of our beloved Davide :heart_eyes:

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I am ashamed that I stopped trying it after maybe fiteen minutes. You know why? I am that bad in rhythms and drums that I use “AI” drums (Jamstix) with some internal sounds. After this video, I understand the possibilities of creating one’s own sound and separate different drums on different tracks. Of course, my main problem stays the same - how to use these fantastic sounds in rhythms. That’s why I am guitar player :rofl:


Hi! I’ve been using the DC Snares plugin and really enjoy its features. However, I have a suggestion that I believe would make the plugin even better. It would be great to have an individual “Lock Parameter” feature for the randomizer. For example, I might want the sample in a slot to remain unchanged while randomizing only its parameters, or randomize all parameters except one. In other plugins, I’ve seen this implemented as small lock icons on each parameter. I think this would add more flexibility and control over the sound design process. What do you think?


Hi @auralflow Welcome to the forum.
Absolutely agree. This is on our list and will come in the next update. Expanding the randomiser to make it more customisable and export audio (render drag) straight to DAW are next. We will probably add a ‘Lock Sound Slot’ in the hamburger menu for each sound slot as the solution to achieve what you want. Thanks for feedback.


This is what I was looking for.
The randomiser is particularly good and has a high probability of generating useful sounds. So I have a growing number of saved user presets.
One question: how do I delete user presets or categorise them into folders?
The manual says " You can manually create folders within the DC Snares presets folder using your operating system’s file browser."
So I assume there is a file corresponding to the preset, but I could’t find which folder the presets are in on the finder. (I am a Mac user)
If the ability to organise (especially delete) user presets is implemented, please let me know how to do it.

@Miki, I am in the exact same situation. As a Logic user I totally rely on Logic’s Drummer to create my drum tracks. So maybe @davide can create something like DC Beats or DC Rhythm? That would be cool! And then DC Snares would make a lot more sense!! At least to me! :grinning:
And btw, I know that I can easily transform Drummer tracks to MIDI and replace all the sounds. But I don’t do that since do not have enough experience with drum tracks and don’t understand which sounds to use. Creating a great drum track is difficult… Too many possibilities and parameters to tweak. I have to settle for - mediocre.

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On Windows, the sounds are stored in C:\ProgramData\DC Snares\Audio

Thank you @auralflow !
I took your advice and found the factory preset files in folders under “/Library/Application Support/DC Snares/Presets” in the Mac environment.
I still don’t see any user preset files, Hmm…

Well, I am a cool doorbell player :rofl:, so my knowledge of drumming is way worse
This is why I use precooked tools like EZdrummer

this thing is perfect for designing kick drums getting awesome results straight away love it could do with a few more mod destinations and some lfos next to the env section but already prefer this to my usual diy techno kick synth ,(and its made for snares too), fx section is top notch

Welcome to the forum @Yamaneko Yes indeed you can create your own preset folders/delete presets etc. User presets on a Mac are located under users/~/Documents/DC Snares/Presets

This is specifically for crafting snares. For most of us that’s a bit of a ‘what?’ moment but in specific genres (mainly bass orientated genres like Trap, D&B, Grime etc) layering and making a snare is integral part the sound/style and an arduous process. You are asking for an overall drum / rhythm product! I have something for that down the line…

Agreed, that is easy and on the way!


:grinning: I thought so as you always seem to have more surprises up your sleeve!!

Cool! Thank you!

I have another question regarding the use of curves in the DC Snares plugin. I would like to create a more complex shape that requires more than the five standard points provided by the envelopes. How can I add an additional point?

Additionally, I noticed that some plugin presets have fewer than the standard five points. However, I haven’t figured out how to delete points. I’ve tried various key combinations, including Delete and Backspace, but they don’t seem to work for me.

For context, I am using Windows and Bitwig Studio, if that makes any difference.

I have a question. In a similar product from another company, they make a phase adjustment between the different layers, so that they don’t cancel each other out, and present a kind of “continuum”. Is this considered in this plugin? Would this “phase shift” really be a problem when synthesising a snare?
Thanks in advance.

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No ability to delete or create nodes but I think that will come with the next update. Needs to if you are using ENVs frequently for sure!

The word Phase is IMO the most misunderstood misnomer in music production. Often we are referring to Polarity. In fact most DAW’s ‘Invert Phase’ function actually inverts polarity but they have just kept it as ‘Phase’ as that is the expected naming convention. For me, Phase is only an issue if you hear something. Put it in Mono, sum it, does anything change? Snares get really don’t have much below 60Hz so phase isn’t really an issue down there. In answer to your question ‘Phase Shift’ wouldn’t be useful at this stage and phase issues are pretty easy to avoid. Hope that helps @DjR0hl and welcome to the community.


There’s an update on PIB already. I’ve been watching the Gearspace thread. One of the devs is on there and very engaged with posters.

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Absolutely the most important feature for serious sound design! Randomization without the ability to lock/unlock individual layers and parameters doesn´t make much sense. And I wonder why not a single parameter of the effect modules is getting randomized when I hit the dice, doesn´t make sense either. Maybe a bug. Other than that, DC Snares is an amazing little plugin. Congratulations to the team behind it!

Effect parameters were intentionally excluded from randomisation to keep the results more usable, but of course even better would be the option to include or exclude them based on your preference. There is an option in the settings menu is to disable the randomisation of each slot’s bus send level which is useful if you just want to focus on the sounds themselves and adjust effect sends later.

But lots of improvements including randomisation refinement are on the roadmap so stay tuned for further announcements and great to hear you’re enjoying the plugin!

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