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For the variations part, I would like a transposition button. It would speed things up if, for example, I want to try the variations for the A#maj chords as I did for the three previous chords.

Hi @Hulkko

Can I just clarify what you mean by

Do you mean transposition, which is already available on the CHORD page by semitone or octave?

Or do you mean inversion which is also already implemented on the CHORD page?

Or do you mean applying chord extensions (e.g. add 9, B5, etc) or variations (sus2, sus 4)? Again these can be found on the CHORD page by selecting the chord from the Circle of Fifth

and scrolling through Circle of Fifths Chords

using the grey scroll bar below the list of Circle of Fifths Chords


Thank you. I didn’t realize that it was already there, but on a different page.

You’re welcome.

May I suggest the excellent on-line Scaler course from @davide and @Tristan, which takes you through all the features in Scaler 2? Although you have to pay for it I believe that it is excellent value for money. I am forever dipping into and out of it.