Scaler 2 Course by Davide Carbone

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know we’ve launched a Scaler 2 Course that we’ve been working on for a few months, The intention here is that we wanted something that covers every single feature and function packaged up into one resource that new users can use as a step by step guide to getting to know Scaler at their own pace and that intermediate and power users can refer back to to discover and explore some of the more advanced or under utilised features.

It’s available now at School of Synthesis online: Scaler 2 Course Page

And launching early next week at Plugin Boutique to coincide with my live stream on the Plugin Boutique YouTube channel, Wednesday 12th, 12pm UK time where I will go through making a track live using the Modulation Presets and some of the more advanced features.

Happy Easter!


Just subscribed looking forward to learni g some of the deeper features of Scaler :+1:


Thank you Davide. Your training is always top notch and I think your pricing is very fair indeed. I will definitely be signing up.

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This is an excellent course even for long time users like myself. Highly recommended for getting the most out of Scaler 2.
Well done, Davide!

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To echo @jamieh , I also have been using Scaler for over 2 years actively, and it is amazing how many more nuances can be squeezed out of this gem. I also appreciate the Scaler team’s didactic approach to teaching by example, culminating in a full song, instead of getting lost in theory like so many others.


Amazing thank you Davide! :raised_hands:

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Just purchased it, I actually got Scaler months ago and haven’t really looked at it yet. I dont even know how to check the version or check for updates. I’m hoping to get some help on using it with Cakewalk by Bandlab.

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Also dove in and subscribed to the course, from the SOS site, as I couldn’t see it on PIB. Looking forward to sitting down with it.

There was a post on this very recently. Cakewalk, which at one point fell apart in the hands of Gibson, appears to be getting much more traction now Bandlab released it for free - there have been several posts on this lately relating to its use with Scaler.


Also live stream link here too - I am sure many of the advanced users will know most of it. Hope you all had a good Easter.


I started watching the Course and, although i use Scaler since about 4 or 5 years, I found some very useful details I have never thought about.
And i am still in the beginning.
Thanks Davide for this gem. Tristan is great presenter, too.


Yeah hopefully it will get more attention. I’ve been using it for years from way back when it was called Sonar. But I’ve no doubt the course will be a huge help regardless of DAW. It looks an incredible tool but there’s a lot in it. Cant wait to actually trying it out with some basic exercises.

Cakewalk was originally written by Twelve Tone Systems, based in Boston. There were very few vendors offering sequencers at that time. Emagic was one, which were bought by Apple and that became Logic.

I first bought it around 1995 when it was distributed as Cakewalk on two 3.5 inch floppies. Given today’s gigabyte installations it’s a tribute to their coding they could squash a sequencer into 2.88 Mb …

Twelve Tone were pretty innovative, and initially did well i the US, fighting with what are now Logic and Cubase. They did a big upgrade and renamed it Sonar. I kept upgrading through the various incarnations over the years, through the Gibson era and then to Bandlab. I then switched to Ableton, but it’s still on my machine.

It was Emagic Logic when I bought version 3 back in the day. Apple eventually bought it and then it became Logic Pro. It required an Emagic dongle (Which I still have.) So it’s always been Logic, I think I followed it through version 4 or so.
It was originally created in the early 1990s as Notator Logic by German software developer C-Lab which later went by Emagic. Apple acquired Emagic in 2002 and renamed Logic to Logic Pro.

Why the hell cant i just download the course to use offline.

I take your point and empathise with the possible inconvenience, but one good reason is that the asset cannot be protected that way. Anyone could pay one subscription, download it, and then sell it on the net for USD1 per copy.

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Here’s a bit of nostalgia for you, then. If it really was GBP 499, that would be GBP 994 in today’s coinage …

@panda I think I paid at least $400 for it. I did the the software. Great for composing to picture. One of the first to have a retroactive record function meaning if you were playing around without it in record and realized you just played the greatest thing EVER! You could hit a key shortcut and it would place all that to a MIDI clip. I used that a lot. I don’t recall anyone else having that back then.

Only purchased the course yesterday … unfortunately, I would place myself in the category that Davide mentioned in his introduction … namely, the 20% that have about 5% knowledge and ability with Scaler 2. So really looking forward to learning the additional 95% of what Scaler 2 is capable of, and using it to its’ full potential.


In that case can have a refund, and not have access. Because this is just not accepatable.

Well said. Copies of the course would up being bounced to friends and family like a dose of the flu.

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