Fed up of crashes, so bye bye to DAWs forever

After tons of crashes just closing Ableton Live projects I decided to give-up again
I hoped the newer version was 11 was more stable than the previous one, but I was a dreamer YUK

Luckily enough, I can resell it, but what using now?

I tested almost all DAWS that have a demo, and I hated all them for various reasons, so giving up with the music is one option

Well, under an attack of nerves I downloaded the latest Reaper version, fought a lot with the interface, with my MIDI keyboard not recognized, and at a certain point I was able to put together Scaler and a few plugins and jam with fun :astonished:

Now I have to study the manual and test it deeply with all my essential plugins and see, but I know that many pals use Reaper here, so do you have some tips about MIDI controller that aren’t recognized (my MIDImix), and how increasing the GUI fonts in secondary windows (plugins) so I don’t jeopardize my eyes?

And, there is some way to set the interface so it is closer to the Ableton Live one?

Here is a theme styled after Ableton. I’m sure there are a few more.

And another

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Yes, I see there are many
The problem is that there are too many and a newbye cannot differentiate good ones, nor understand if such an old one may work in the latest release

One reason I always hated Reaper is the muddling forum
For example, users are very lazy in explaining things, just like Linux users that believe all are able to understand coding, and there are no mods able to pin most updated stuff as other forums do

and, there is a way to enlarge fonts in this window?
it seems large in the screenshot, but it is small in my PC

and plugin windows have small fonts also

Well, I found I never demoed Mixcraft :astonished:
I’ll try this also

Hi @ClaudioPorcellana

In my experience this is controlled by the plug-in settings. As I am sure you are aware on Scaler there are two settings in the Preferences tab: Font Size and View Size, which will size the plug-in window. Where plug-in suppliers have provided this option then this will be where you will have to resize the plug-ins, but this is not always available on some older plug-ins, notably from Air music.

For Reaper itself in the default theme there is a menu item LAYOUTS at the bottom of the OPTIONS menu where you can resize the fonts in teh Reaper panels.

This may vary if you choose another theme.

The biggest drawback moving from Ableton to Reaper is that Reaper does not support a Scene view, it does not have a Session view. However I believe there is a commercial plugin that for launching clips.

The big advantages that I think Reaper has over Ableton is its midi routing. mdid routing in Reaper is very flexible and easy. I’ve illustrated midi routing in the tutorial Basic Introduction to Multi Out.

Hi @ClaudioPorcellana

On my Windows 10 pc if I open the Settings dialogue and type “Make Text Size Bigger” I get the window below:

Wit Reaper changing the “Make Text Bigger” slider had no effect, but changing the “Make Everything Bigger”


I know that, but I use my PC to work also, and increasing fonts too much creates severe issues

anyway, Reaper is in the garbage bin now: I hate that GUI even if there are no KK into, and I cannot swallow it in any way :grin: :rofl:

I think this, in part, is because there are so many videos about features and how to do things in Reaper. I have found the videos on the Reaper website by Kenny Gioia, and those on The (unofficial) Reaper Blog very helpful, but this depends on your preference for videos.

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Claudio, have you determined why Live keeps crashing ? I’ve had it for years, and I can’t recall a crash - and the Live forums are not awash with crash reports.

Have you eliminated any VSTs your had loaded from being responsible?

If it is a machine resources problem causing the crash, the it’s a bit like berating a passenger in a bus for it being late - Live is merely a passenger in the Windows bus.

Just curious, as I suspect you are running out of DAWs to try … :slight_smile:

If you like that much Ableton GUI, try some of many Reaper themes. If you like working with scenes (I hate this concept), there is Playtime by a German genius called Helgoboss. Playtime emulates loops, scenes etc. Not expensive and has a demo.
Anyways, regions in Reaper can be used to loop, too.
I don’t know your controller, but I know that Reaper is not easy with them. Hehe.
However, since I bought my Arturia Keylab MK Ii
, everything works just perfect.
Anyways, a driver called Klinke (I am working so I cannot check the exact name, I’ll let you know later) helped me with nanoKontrol and AKAI, especially in collaboration with ReaLearn , a free plugin also from Helgoboss. With ReaLearn, you can practically setup any controller and any plugin to work seamlessly in Reaper. Only the sky is the limit.
If no DAW is good for you, you can sell all your stuff and buy a hardware synth and play with untill you fall of your feet :rofl:.

Actually zero :grin: :rofl:

Yes, more or less: it is customizations
As far as I installed it, it worked quite well
As far as you add customizations, it crashes

But I (anyone) needs customizations, and Ableton Live is the ONLY software among one gazillion of pieces of software I had and have that doesn’t swallow legitimate customizations, so it is a plain bug and a well known one also

Well, it crashes every single time I close it, and crashes without an error message YUK

Sending log files was never useful, and nobody knows (checked tons of forums and videos) why Ableton Live (from 9 to 11) may crash just closing it

Actually, I hate scenes and I never used them
During my last test, I actually preferred the default theme, but it’s the Reaper GUI that I hate, the over-complexity of routing, the fact that the support is made by users, not always able to explain
It is not for me

Well, it seems that “seamlessly” have multiple meanings :grin: :upside_down_face: :thinking:

to me “seamlessly” must be that I plug a controller and it is recognized, stop

After all, simple controllers like mine are just a bunch of sliders and buttons and I cannot believe a well-developed piece of software cannot tame them

the problem is that many (if not all) DAWs are built around a few controller manufacturers, and devs don’t mind if you don’t have “those” controllers :japanese_goblin:

Anyway, if Mixcraft (or another I never tested) will ever work, well
Otherwise, I’ll just abandon music making
I have another couple of hobbies available and they are way easy to have fun with

Never abandon what you like.
Controllers are just a hardware, DAWs are just a software. They can be replaced by any other piece of HW or SW.
Anyways, there are other options to play and record music, without SW. They cost money, but if you try and find them amusing, you can sell your Bitwig, Ableton, controllers etc. for a good amount and play on a pure HW, like this one. And there are better and more expensive.

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Mixcraft gone in the garbage bin…
My patience is running out
I have no time available to waste this way :japanese_goblin:

Now I am installing Cubase

Well, using standalones I can also get rid of any DAW, I suspect

Of course. DAWless. They replace DAWs to record your tracks. In fact, computerless, as they work like DAW, but standalone.

There are more expensive, Roland, Tascam or so.
Check how they would work with your instruments. Search for Digital Recording Studio.