Generative Music

One thing I love to do in logic is use the midi effects to generate random notes in a selected key to generate ideas. Is there anyway to do something like this in Scaler so that once a key is selected one can generate chords in that key randomly?


It’s something we’ve pondered for a while but I truly believe randomness is not the right way forward, there are plenty of avenues for discovery in scaler and just as easy to serendipitously come across something nice that you have discovered. Maybe in the next iteration there are a few opportunities which we are discussing now.

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Some DAW’s have some randomize options in with their transpose functions. You could put in some single notes (to trigger chords) and then run a randomize on that. Still, you’ll have to take some non-realtime steps to set things up. I’m not sure if a transpose plugin (on a MIDI “insert”) with randomize on, would randomize things with each playback.

I agree it’s not for everybody but when you stumble on something generated randomly it feels otherworldly (I know that’s sounds over dramatic). I highly recommend the latest podcast episode of Broken Record where Brian Eno articulates the beauty of randomness in art.


I love the serendipitous nature of Scaler. The ability to constrain things along a certain path while at the same time letting patterns and performances morph into unexpected combinations is a key attribute. While not exactly random, a couple of ideas for generating interesting patterns and related chords “automatically”.

When Scaler inspires itself…or fun with recursion - General Discussion - Scaler Plugin - Community Forum

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I agree that it would be cool to create generative music with Scaler (much of my “composition” style is that), but it doesn’t feel like a void as you guys said, this feature is readily available in many DAWs and no hassle to combine with Scaler. But I also do appreciate aleatoric composition. And I like @TMacD 's discovery, a form of determined chaos, so to speak :wink:

I use HY-RPE2 to generate notes based on probability, with varying 1/8 and dotted 1/8 lengths, which can be automated in Cubase. From there, the notes can be constrained to a key via the Chord Track or Transformer modifier, and output to instrument of choice.
Suppose the notes generated by HY-RPE2 could be sent to Scalers key lock function, as if being played manually with keyboard. Something I will try today.
Can’t recommend HY-RPE2 enough though, especially for Euclidean sequences.

I love Euclidean sequencers, so thanks for sharing!

I’ve been using some interesting MIDI sequencers in NI Reaktor, and more recently in UVI Falcon


And then there are Euclidean Gaters, which take in a continuous sound and chop it up based on their Euclidean Rhythm configuration.

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I do love Euclidian Sequencers as well. I have a few Max4Live ones and a Reaktor one or two.

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I haven’t used logic for over 20 years but I achieve things like what you are looking for in Live with midi fx chains in front and following Scaler regularly. It’s just about getting creative with your midi fx chains, routing, and dialing them in.

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Absolutely! Live is great for this kind of experimentation.

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And I agree… some randomness in art is a beautiful thing. It can turn the artist into a spectator which I think any artist stuck in the production zone can appreciate. I’ve done several generative multi channel installations and being able to sit back and be surprised just as a spectator at your own work really enhances the experience. Here is an example of one I was commissioned for at the Cleveland Museum of Art involving 18 speakers and over 42,000 sound files.


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